TRICARE Pharmacy Program


Using your pharmacy benefit wisely means using the most cost-effective method for getting your prescriptions. With ePrescribing, you can continue to get your prescriptions safely and quickly, but it’s even easier for you and your doctor.

Why ePrescribing?

  • ePrescribing reduces prescribing errors.
  • It's a win-win situation for everyone — you, your doctor and the Department of Defense.
  • When you choose ePrescribing, you’ll get the most cost-effective medication.
  • The secure ePrescribing network sends your prescription safely and quickly to the pharmacy of your choice.

How ePrescribing Works
First, your doctor enters your information into an e-prescribing application and selects the "TRICARE" formulary to view medications covered by the TRICARE pharmacy benefit.

Then, your doctor sends your prescription directly to TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery — by selecting "Express Scripts Home Delivery" — or a network retail pharmacy of your choice. It's that simple!

Note: Currently, pharmacies at military treatment facilities (MTFs) do not accept e-prescriptions. If you prefer to have your prescriptions filled at an MTF, you may ask for a written prescription.

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