TRICARE Pharmacy Program

Welcome to Your Enhanced Website and Mobile App

The website and mobile app have been enhanced to help you get the most from your TRICARE® pharmacy benefit program. Take a moment to review some of the new features and take a video tour of the website.

Your Enhanced Website:

Prescription management tools

  • Improved prescription transaction tools: The website provides more functionality, which means you can get detailed information with just a click. From the home page, you can order refills and renewals, enroll in Worry-Free Fills® (previously called, Auto Refills), transfer retail prescriptions to Home Delivery, and check on medication-related alerts.
  • Prescription refills, renewals and status: From your personalized home page you can order refills and renewals. If you are renewing a medication with no refills remaining, Express Scripts can contact your physician for a new prescription on your behalf.
  • Worry-Free Fills: You can gain peace of mind by enrolling eligible prescriptions in Worry-Free Fills, formerly Auto Refills, which enables automatic delivery of prescription refills. Beneficiaries are notified before refills are processed to avoid waste.
  • TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery: You may be able to lower your drug costs by transferring your maintenance medications (those medications you take on an on-going basis for chronic conditions) from retail to Home Delivery. Learn more about the safety, savings and convenience of TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery.
  • Claims, balances and prescription history: Available now in one comprehensive location, you can track expenses, pay outstanding balances, and obtain account and invoice details.
  • Locate a pharmacy: Find the nearest retail pharmacy with address and contact information. Results now include directions using Google Maps.
  • Select preferences and edit personal information: Available in one comprehensive location, you can easily edit your information and preferences.

Benefit education and management

  • Benefit highlights and forms: Here you will find a summary of the pharmacy benefit for Home Delivery and retail. Forms are now available in one convenient location.
  • Price medications and understand prescription coverage: In addition to providing prices for the searched drug and generic equivalent (if available), by channel (Home Delivery or retail pharmacy), results include coverage details and formulary alternatives.
  • New! Additional features: Spanish-speaking beneficiaries can view all site content in Spanish. Sight-impaired beneficiaries can use screen readers throughout the site.

Your Enhanced Mobile App: Express Scripts Mobile App

  • Be sure to download the new, enhanced “Express Scripts” mobile app from your device’s app store to view and manage your prescriptions anytime, anywhere. Your login information will remain the same, which means you do not need to create new login credentials. You will no longer be able to use the “Express Rx” mobile app.
  • With the Express Scripts mobile app you can refill, renew and track prescriptions ordered through TRICARE® Pharmacy Home Delivery. You can also set medication reminders, locate the nearest retail pharmacy, search for drug information and more. The mobile app offers the most convenient way for you to manage your pharmacy benefit.
  • If you are not enrolled in TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery for your maintenance medications, now is the time to consider switching. Home Delivery offers you convenience, safety and satisfaction. For acute or short-term medications, such as antibiotics, please continue to use a local retail pharmacy in your network.

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