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Ask Your Provider to E-Prescribe

Looking for the most convenient method for getting your prescriptions? With electronic prescribing (e-prescribing), you can continue to get your prescriptions safely and quickly, eliminating the need for handwritten prescriptions.

What is e-prescribing?

E-prescribing lets your provider send your prescription directly to your pharmacy electronically. It is used by most retail pharmacies and civilian providers, and now military pharmacies as well. Electronic prescriptions improve safety by delivering accurate and legible prescriptions, further reducing errors.

How does e-prescribing work?

First, your doctor enters your information into their e-prescribing application and selects the TRICARE formulary to view medications covered by the TRICARE® pharmacy benefit.

Your provider can then send your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice:

  • TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery by selecting Express Scripts Mail Pharmacy
  • Military pharmacy by looking up your local military pharmacy in the e-prescribing database. All MTF Pharmacies are listed as DoD “site name” ePhcy. Example – DoD FT Drum ePhcy
  • Network retail pharmacy

Why choose e-prescribing?

E-prescribing is convenient, fast and secure. Not only does it save time and help reduce errors, but it may also help decrease your wait time at the pharmacy. When your provider sends your prescription directly to the pharmacy they have a head-start on resolving any issues. While policies vary by location, some pharmacies may fill your medication before you arrive.

You can also be confident that your prescription information is secure. Electronic prescriptions are not sent over the open internet or through email but are sent through a private, secure and closed network.

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Tips for Switching to e-prescribing

  • Ask your provider to send your prescription electronically to Home Delivery, a military pharmacy or a network retail pharmacy.
  • If your prescription was sent to a pharmacy electronically let the pharmacist know upon your arrival.
  • Some prescriptions may still require handwritten prescriptions. For example, military pharmacies do not accept electronic prescriptions for controlled substances.

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