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Ask Your Doctor about Electronic Prior Authorization

Electronic Prior Authorization (or ePA) is a simple process your doctor's office can use to submit prior authorization requests. If your prescription requires a prior authorization, ask your doctor to submit it electronically. Only your doctor's office can submit a prior authorization request.

What is prior authorization?

Prior authorization is a program that monitors certain prescription drugs and their costs to get you the medication you require while reducing costs. Similar to healthcare plans that approve a medical procedure before it's done to ensure the necessity of the test, if you're prescribed a certain medication, that drug may need a "prior authorization." This program makes sure you're getting a prescription that is suitable for the intended use and covered by your pharmacy benefit.

To find prescription drugs that are covered under TRICARE, and for drugs that require prior authorization or that have quantity limits, visit to search for a specific drug.

What is electronic prior authorization?

Electronic Prior Authorization is a fast and easy process your doctor's office can use to submit prior authorization requests. The benefits include:

  • Your doctor can receive a faster decision, often within minutes.
  • You know faster whether a prior authorization request has been approved or denied – saving you time.
  • It replaces the traditional phone and fax process.
  • It reduces paperwork.

The doctor's office can learn more about electronic prior authorization at

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