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Your Health Matters

Use Your TRICARE® Pharmacy Benefit to Your Advantage and Avoid Filing Paper Claims

If you have health insurance coverage with a prescription plan in addition to TRICARE®, such as coverage through an employer or a private plan you've purchased, learn what is required of you and how your two plans work together. Learn more

Specialty Medication Care Management Program

Some health conditions are treated using specialty medications. These are usually high cost, self-administered, injectable or oral medications that treat serious, chronic conditions like cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and hepatitis C. TRICARE® beneficiaries can have these prescription drugs mailed directly to their homes and receive additional care through TRICARE's free Specialty Medication Care Management Program. Learn more

The Express Scripts Mobile App

The Express Scripts mobile application (app) is an innovative tool that helps you make better decisions for healthier outcomes – anytime, anywhere. Learn more

Your Retail Pharmacy Network

Express Scripts understands that beneficiaries have different pharmacy needs, so we aim to provide a robust retail pharmacy network to balance choice, access and cost. This need is why Express Scripts works with so many retail and community pharmacies to make it convenient for you to obtain short-term medications. Learn more

Emergency Preparedness for Prescription Medications

September is National Preparedness Month. It is the perfect time to prepare your family for emergencies and disasters, both big and small. Emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. Learn more

Stay Healthy this Flu Season

Flu season is here, and we want you to stay healthy this winter. Each year approximately 5% to 20% of the U.S. population get the flu and some are even hospitalized as a result. It is important for you to know how to prevent the flu and what is covered under your TRICARE® pharmacy benefit. Learn more

Coordinating Pharmacy Benefits with Other Health Insurance

In addition to TRICARE®, many people also have additional insurance coverage, often through your employer, Medicare Part D, or another private insurance program. This is called other health insurance (OHI). It is important to understand how your TRICARE Pharmacy Benefit can work with your other insurance – and can even save you money! Learn more

Summer Rx Tips

Summertime means many of us are spending more time outdoors, and our daily routines and schedules are disrupted by vacations and summer camp. It’s important to consider how these changes affect those taking a chronic medication. Learn more

Want to see medication and patient names in your emails?

Receiving email notifications about your prescriptions can be convenient. But it can be confusing when the name of your medication is not listed. We’ve heard your feedback and made the option available for you to receive more detailed information in your notification emails, such as medication names and the name of the patient. Learn more

Designate a Caregiver

Does someone help you manage your prescription drugs? If you answered yes, you should consider designating them as a caregiver for your pharmacy benefit. When you designate a caregiver, this person will be able to order refills, check order status, discuss a new medication and move your prescription to Home Delivery with Express Scripts customer service. Learn more

Decoding Prescriptions: Understanding key pharmacy terms and abbreviations

Pharmacy terminology can be confusing. To make the most of your TRICARE® pharmacy benefit, it is essential to understand some key pharmacy terms. The following is a list of some of the most common terms you may encounter. Learn more

Ask Your Provider to E-Prescribe

Looking for the most convenient method for getting your prescriptions? With electronic prescribing (e-prescribing), you can continue to get your prescriptions safely and quickly, eliminating the need for handwritten prescriptions. Learn more

February is American Heart Month

Every year, heart disease causes 1 in 4 deaths and is the leading cause of death for both men and women. The good news is that heart disease can be prevented in most cases by making healthy choices and managing existing health conditions. Learn more

Paying for Your Prescriptions

We’ve simplified payment options and added another choice for greater flexibility. Additionally, we’ve taken the guess work out of how much your medication will cost by adding the ability to price a medication from the mobile app. Our goal is to reduce the effort and stress for you. Learn more

Easy to Find Answers Online

The newly designed account page makes it even easier to find the answers you need. You can check your order status, including tracking information; refill multiple prescriptions; transfer prescriptions to Home Delivery and easily access the FAQ and Contact Us pages. Learn more

TRICARE® Pharmacy Home Delivery Member Experience Enhancements

At Express Scripts, we are continuously striving to provide you with an optimal home delivery experience. In order to provide this service we’ve made some improvements to make it easier to get started with Home Delivery, easily find the answers you need and more! Learn more

Know Your Order’s Status

After placing any kind of online order, we all want to check the status of that order. When it comes to your TRICARE® Pharmacy Home Delivery order it’s even more important to be able to know where the order is and when it will arrive at your home. Learn more

Keeping your Prescriptions Safe in Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can have negative effects on your medications. Because of this, beneficiaries may be concerned about getting their prescriptions through the mail. Express Scripts takes extensive measures to ensure medications requiring extra protection are mailed out of the TRICARE® Home Delivery Pharmacy to withstand extreme temperatures. Learn more

November is American Diabetes Month

More than likely, each one of us knows someone with diabetes. It affects one out of 11 people, with over 29 million Americans diagnosed. To help raise awareness about the disease and issues surrounding it, we recognize American Diabetes Month each November.

It’s important for you to understand what diabetes is, what your risks are and how to prevent the disease. If you are already living with diabetes, it is essential for you to learn how to manage it. Fortunately, your TRICARE® pharmacy benefit can help. Learn more (PDF file)

What is Prior Authorization?

Have you ever gotten to the pharmacy to fill a prescription and are told that prior authorization is required before your medication can be dispensed? We want to help you understand what this means. Learn more (PDF file)

Your Pharmacy Benefit Never Takes a Vacation

Summer vacation season is upon us. Make sure your trip is enjoyable, healthy and safe. Learn about the tools your TRICARE® pharmacy benefit offers to help make sure you have enough medication while traveling. Learn more (PDF file)

Stay on Top of Your Pharmacy Benefit with Electronic EOBs

Regularly review your electronic Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements to stay on top of your prescription activity. Your EOBs can help keep you organized and, more importantly, are a great line of defense against fraud. Learn more (PDF file)

Options for Filling Your Prescriptions

The TRICARE® Pharmacy Program is designed to provide the medications you need in a safe, convenient, cost-effective manner. Learn about your options are for the type of prescriptions you need to fill. Learn more (PDF file)

Peace of Mind Delivered…With Worry-free Fills®

Worry-free Fills® is an automatic prescription refill program from Express Scripts that eliminates one extra thing from your to-do list. With Worry-free Fills®, your prescription is automatically refilled for you, helping you simplify your life with one less thing to remember. Learn more (PDF file)

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