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Keeping your Prescriptions Safe in Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can have negative effects on your medications. Because of this, beneficiaries may be concerned about getting their prescriptions through the mail. Express Scripts takes extensive measures to ensure medications requiring extra protection are mailed out of the TRICARE® Home Delivery Pharmacy to withstand extreme temperatures. While at the pharmacy, all medications that require temperature controls – such as insulin, some specialty medications, and various other products – are stored in refrigerators.

Anticipating Weather Patterns

For every medication that leaves our pharmacy, we use advanced technology that takes into account the acceptable temperature range for each medication, as well as the entire forecasted weather patterns the medication will pass through along its journey from our pharmacy to your home. A bar code is placed on each package so that this information can be easily retrieved as it moves through the pharmacy.

Special Packaging

During the hot summer months, medications that need to stay cool are shipped in white foam coolers with ice packs. The bar code on the package is scanned and the system computes what size cooler to pack the medication in, how many ice packs to include and the shipment method needed to make sure the medications arrives safely.

Express Scripts also has measures in place to safeguard your medication from the frigid temperatures of winter. Medications that are sensitive to cold temperatures are packaged in temperature-protective coolers with gel packs to help absorb the cold. These gel packs ensure that medications stay within a safe temperature range – even if the package sits outside for several hours after delivery.

Every part of the process to prepare your medication for shipment is planned to protect your medication while maintaining efficiency. We are focused on ensuring the integrity of the medication we ship. Temperature technology is just one example of how we’re making the use of prescription drugs safer for the tens of millions of Americans we serve.

Enjoy peace of mind with TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery. For questions or concerns about your prescriptions and shipping, please contact Express Scripts at 1.877.363.1296.

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