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Make the Most of Your TRICARE Pharmacy Benefit in the New Year

Why not begin the New Year with a fresh look at your pharmacy benefit and what it can do for you.

TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery.

  • A safe and convenient way to get prescription medications you use regularly delivered right to you
  • Save time and money with one 90-day supply compared to three 30-day supplies at a retail pharmacy.
  • Registered pharmacists check for potentially harmful interactions.
  • Medication delivered in a tamper-proof, weather-resistant package with standard shipping provided at no cost to you.


  • A safe and secure way to send your prescriptions electronically to a pharmacy.
  • E-prescribing increases prescription accuracy and your doctor can send the prescription to a pharmacy of your choice.
  • If you use Home Delivery, tell your doctor you need a 90-day supply of medication and can add Express Scripts as a patient-preferred pharmacy.

Stick to your medication schedule.

  • Taking your medication as directed by your doctor is truly the best way to make sure you get the most from your pharmacy benefit.
  • Take your medication at the proper time and frequency as prescribed by your doctor, and refill and renew prescriptions as early as possible so you are never empty-handed.
  • Download the Express Scripts mobile app or sign up for automatic refills to help you stay on track.

Coordination of Benefits.

  • If you have insurance in addition to TRICARE, such as through your employer or a private program, this process decides the amount each plan pays for a claim.
  • Federal law requires that if your other health insurance has a pharmacy benefit, it is the primary payer for your prescriptions and TRICARE is the secondary payer.
  • You can coordinate your benefits online by finding pharmacies near you that are covered by your plan and are also included in the TRICARE network.
  • Online coordination of benefits helps you reduce upfront out-of-pocket expenses, eliminates the need to submit a paper claim, and you will never pay more than your TRICARE copayment. Learn more about coordinating your pharmacy benefits.

Note: If you have OHI and submit a claim for reimbursement without an EOB, your claim may be returned for missing information or explanation regarding your other coverage.

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