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Your Retail Pharmacy Network

Is there a shortage of places to get a cup of coffee? What about grabbing a burger? With approximately 11,000 Starbucks stores and 14,000 McDonald’s locations across the United States, you don’t have to go far to get your to get what you want.

By comparison, the TRICARE® Pharmacy retail network offers roughly four times that amount with currently more than 57,000 pharmacies nationwide available for beneficiary use, in addition to more than 200 military pharmacies, and the convenience of TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery.

Network vs. non-network retail pharmacies

Express Scripts understands that beneficiaries have different pharmacy needs, so we aim to provide a robust retail pharmacy network to balance choice, access and cost. This need is why Express Scripts works with so many retail and community pharmacies to make it convenient for you to obtain short-term medications.

Network Pharmacies: When you use a pharmacy in the network, your standard TRICARE copayment applies, depending on the medication. Remember, there are more than 57,000 network pharmacy locations in the TRICARE network, including national chains, grocery chains and independent pharmacies.

Non-Network Pharmacies: If you fill your medication at a pharmacy not in the retail network, you will have to pay the full price of the medication upfront and file a claim for partial reimbursement. So always check to make sure your pharmacy is in the network before filling your prescription.

Keep in mind, of course, that some medications must be filled at a military pharmacy or at TRICARE Pharmacy Home Delivery to be covered.

Finding a network pharmacy is easy

Visit the Find a Pharmacy page to locate a network pharmacy near you. If you are on the go, try using the pharmacy locator on our mobile app.

Watch this video to learn more about the benefits of a retail pharmacy network.

If you have any questions about your pharmacy benefit, please visit

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