About Us

About Us

What We Do
At Express Scripts, we help make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable. It's been our mission since 1986, when a group of healthcare advocates began applying the rigors of scientific research to the pharmacy benefit. With the country facing hundreds of billions of dollars of prescription-related waste each year from costly drug, pharmacy and health choices, our mission remains as relevant as ever.

We are passionate about gleaning insights from data and translating those insights into solutions. We test and learn our way toward the most comprehensive set of solutions to drive out prescription-related waste and help improve health outcomes. We provide best-in-class pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services and industry-leading home delivery and specialty pharmacy services for our diverse client base.

Today, we manage prescription benefits for tens of millions of Americans on behalf of thousands of clients, including health plans and plan sponsors. Employers, unions and government organizations throughout the nation rely on our services. Our team of more than 30,000 employees expresses passion, expresses care and expresses enthusiasm for our mission. We are committed to our members achieving better clinical outcomes and dedicated to delivering better financial outcomes for plan sponsors.

How We Do It
Everything we do is guided by the six core values that constitute The Express Way. Three values shape who we are: Integrity, Mutual Respect and Passion. Integrity is first and foremost for a reason; it's our guiding beacon. Three more values define how we work: Alignment, Collaboration and Service. Together, we do the right thing for clients and patients, who count on us every day. For more information, see our Code of Conduct (PDF file)

To achieve healthier outcomes, we design and deliver solutions to support better prescription-related decisions. Our experience and research show that achieving optimal outcomes ultimately requires better decisions on the part of patients, caregivers and providers. We apply decision science to help us understand why people make the decisions they do and to help us determine how to make better decisions easier.

Three Complementary Capabilities
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Our platform for discovery and innovation is Health Decision ScienceSM. It’s the synthesis of three complementary capabilities:

Behavioral Sciences
We apply proven strategies from the behavioral sciences, including choice architecture and message framing, in an approach we call Consumerology®. Because patient engagement is often unachievable, we work to make the best decisions as easy as possible. Our research has shown that poor decisions typically reflect a gap between intentions and behaviors. By anticipating member needs and preferences, then earning their attention, we can close these "intent-behavior" gaps.

Clinical Specialization
Our specialist pharmacists and nurses provide personalized attention to patients diagnosed with costly chronic and complex conditions. We have a deep understanding of specific disease states, allowing us to better anticipate patient care needs. More than 1800 Express Scripts clinical specialists work directly with patients to optimize the health choices they make, ensuring safety, improving affordability and delivering world-class care.

Actionable Data
Actionable data means providing the right data at the point of prescribing and running real-time safety checks at the point of dispensing. It means advising clients with data-driven recommendations for formularies, and counseling patients with relevant safety and savings information. With actionable data, we can predict nonadherence risks and work toward determining the most cost-effective interventions.

Health Decision Science is at the heart of how we add value for clients and members. With this expertise, we have built practical solutions for three decision areas:

Drug Choices
Express Scripts drug-choice solutions facilitate the proper use, selection and amount of the safest, most cost-effective generics and preferred brands.

Pharmacy Choices
Our pharmacy-choice solutions help patients and their providers choose the most cost-effective, high-quality pharmacies for their conditions.

Health Choices
Our health-choice solutions increase the effectiveness, safety and affordability of clinical care.

Find out more about how our services help clients realize healthier outcomes through better decisions.


Outcomes Symposium
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Formulary Information
Discover the process of how formularies are created and managed.

Awards & Honors
See how Express Scripts is recognized for providing safe and affordable drugs.

Quality Accreditations
Get more information about various quality accreditations that Express Scripts has received.

Corporate Citizenship
Find out about Express Scripts' dedication to community involvement.

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Access information about products and services we buy and learn more about doing business with us.

Government Relations
Find more information on our corporate political contributions and on the activities of our employees' political action committee contributions. Express Scripts believes it is important to understand and engage in public policy matters that affect our ability to make prescription medicines safer and more affordable for our patients.

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