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Request for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Determination

To initiate a coverage review request, please complete the form below and click submit.

Please note that the completion of this form does not constitute completion of the coverage review process and is not a guarantee of plan coverage. Upon receipt of this request, we will begin the coverage review process for the medication indicated below.

Once the completed form is submitted, the patient or his/her representative or prescriber may be contacted by fax or phone for additional information.


Enrollee/Requestor Information

Complete this section ONLY if the person making this request is not the enrollee or prescriber:

Representation documentation for requests made by someone other than the enrollee or the enrollee's prescriber:

You will need to provide documentation showing the authority to represent the enrollee (a completed Appointment of Representative Form CMS - 1696 or written equivalent). To access the Appointment of Representative Form CMS - 1696, visit:


Prescriber’s Information

*Indicates required fields


Name of prescription drug you are requesting

*Indicates required fields


Type of Coverage Determination Request

NOTE: If you are asking for a formulary or tiering exception, your prescriber MUST provide a statement supporting your request. Requests that are subject to prior authorization (or any other utilization management requirement) may require supporting information. Please refer to the supporting information instructions below.


Additional information

Important Note: Expedited Decisions

If you or your prescriber believes that waiting 72 hours for a standard decision could seriously harm your life, health, or ability to regain maximum function, you can ask for an expedited (fast) decision. If your prescriber indicates that waiting 72 hours could seriously harm your health, we will automatically give you a decision within 24 hours. If you do not obtain your prescriber's support for an expedited request, we will decide if your case requires a fast decision. You cannot request an expedited coverage determination if you are asking us to pay you back for a drug you already received.


Supporting information

Please send any supporting information to our toll-free fax number at 1.877.251.5896 and be sure to include your name and telephone number on each page sent.