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See more savings with a 30-day solution

When members need to take medication for 30 days or less, we have a network for that.
Pharmacist helping a customer

A 30-day network is a complementary solution to any network strategy. You and your members see savings when members visit any preferred pharmacy in our broad, nationwide network of options. Or for as little as $5-10 more, they can visit any non-preferred pharmacy:

  • Broad access Up to 64,000 pharmacy options
  • Variety of retail anchor options including major retail chains
  • Real savings Up to $3.66 per member, per year


Our Advantage network allows members to get their 30-day, acute prescriptions from a preferred (Tier 1) pharmacy where they pay a lower copay. They can also choose a non-preferred (Tier 2) pharmacy and get their medications at a slightly higher copay. The Advantage network offers significant pharmacy discounts and broad retail networks to decrease costs for plan sponsors.   


Our National network features broad network options, including major and regional chains, select pharmacy services administration organizations (PSAOs) and many independent pharmacies. With the National network, CVS and Walgreens anchors are available, but only the National network offers client savings.

See how another client saved with their 30-day network.