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While there may never be a good time for change, there's always a right time and the right team to help you through it. With open collaboration and unbiased guidance, we deliver flexible solutions for every business, for every person, for all – and we'd be honored to be selected as the partner that delivers for you.
Health is the starting point for progress and potential. And, the health of your members is our number one focus. We are excited to share our ideas about partnering with Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative.

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Kevin Lewis
President and CEO, Community Health Options
As the largest PBM in the country, ESI brings significant negotiating power and delivers discounting that helps smaller regional plans compete with the larger national carriers. Furthermore, ESI’s account management is responsive and provides fast turnaround and resolution to any service issues. ESI offers a wide variety of programs and analytical tools that can further aid a smaller plan augment its informatics and plan management without the strain on the administrative budget.
Common Ground Healthcare Cooperative

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