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Working Together for a Healthier Tomorrow

Rx Coalition collaboration

Who is Know Your Rx Coalition?

The Know Your Rx Coalition provides Pharmacy Benefit Contracting through a group purchasing agreement. In addition to access to pricing arrangements, the Know Your Rx Coalition, at the University of Kentucky, will offer clinical resources to help further manage Rx spend and to control trend in Rx costs both for member institutions and for covered employees and dependents.

The Know Your Rx Pharmacy Coalition was formed by a number of universities in Kentucky as a purchasing collaborative with the intent of contracting together for their prescription plans, as well as delivering clinical resources to help manage pharmacy spend and control costs.  This contracting partnership and hand-on clinical services result in quality pharmacy interactions, often with reduced costs for the member.


See Real Benefits

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Financial Savings
Maximizing the opportunity for better pricing for employers allows the members to have access to an affordable prescription plan
-Plan Savings - $2,997,099
-Patient Savings - $1,348,379
-Plan savings due to Custom Exclusion: Greater than $5 Million

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Expert Partners
Express Scripts administers prescription benefits for our Coalition members. They tailor their services and solutions for you, exposing opportunities in pharmacy, medical and beyond – creating better health for all.
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Employers within the Coalition can rely on the guidance of the Coalition pharmacists for a wide range of services that include implementation and plan design, formulary selection, clinical programs and for strategies to help offset wasteful plan spend
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Account Team Support
The Know Your Rx team acts as an independent, personal advocate for each client and their members
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Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Reports of plan performance and benchmarking to other Know Your Rx Coalition member institutions.
Home Delivery
Home Delivery provides an affordable way for you to get your maintenance medications – prescription drugs you take regularly to treat ongoing conditions. Through the Express Scripts Pharmacy you can order up to 90-days’ worth of maintenance medicine through the mail.

Changing "what if" to "what is"

Meet the people who take on your toughest challenges, expose opportunities to reduce cost, and help you prepare for what’s next

  • Richard Amos, Executive Director
  • Lucy B. Wells, RPh, Clinical Director
  • Travis Albrecht, PharmD, Associate Director of Operations
  • Marissa Boelhauf, PharmD, Associate Director of Clinical Services
  • Lea R. Goggin, RPh, Clinical Staff Pharmacist 
  • Amy Griesser, RPh, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • Matt McMahan, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • Stacy Poskin, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • April Prather, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • Allison Russell, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • Patricia Walker, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • Carol Watson, Pharmacy Services Representative
  • Zach Wilkerson, PharmD, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • Whitney Deal, Pharm D, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • Megan Clements, Pharm D, Clinical Staff Pharmacist
  • Kalen “Trevor” Freeman, Pharm D, Clinical Staff Pharmacist- Fellow
  • Ethan Hutchins, Data Analyst


What makes the KY Rx Coalition unique from other pharmacy purchasing coalitions is the team of clinical pharmacists who are available for both employers and their members. The Coalition Pharm-Assist program is available as a resource for members to utilize when trying to navigate their prescription plan. The pharmacists have access to tools specific to each member’s plan, which helps to ensure the member is maximizing their pharmacy benefit, as well as receiving Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services. The Coalition pharmacists also assist with formulary disruptions and benefit changes in order to minimize member disruption and ensure members are prepared for changes within their plan.
7,731 7,731
Patients Served*
18K 18K
Number of patient outreaches*
27K 27K
Number of actions taken*
$913K $913K
Patient savings in 2019*
$2.2M $2.2M
Plan savings in 2019*

Important Dates and Upcoming Events in 2020 


Industry Events where KYRx will be presenting:

SALGBA/ Louisville, KY/ April 5-8

TIAA ELN Conference/ Location TBD/ June 8-11


Turning 65 Seminars 

  • Louisville- 1/29
  • Frankfort- 3/25
  • Madisonville- 4/29
  • Ashland- 5/6
  • Florence- 5/13
  • London- 5/20


In their own words
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– Bill Holton, ARC Administrators
The AIKCU Benefits Alliance was formed nearly a decade ago with the purpose of supporting best value outcomes for its members who self-fund their employee health insurance programs. In our evaluation of the Know Your Rx Coalition it was clear that their mission is much the same. It is easy to quantify the financial savings, which are significant, however, just as important are the care management strategies with benefits in both financial and human terms.
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– Bob Johnston, AIKCU
Kentucky's Independent College & University campuses are excited to have the opportunity to join the Coalition. We anticipate great value from membership. Our Benefits Alliance program has provided exceptional value to its members and much of that credit goes to our partners who have supported our goals. The value of the flexibility, commitment and guidance afforded our program by Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield cannot be overstated.
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