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Creating a stronger future with SMART Coalition

The SMART Pharmacy Coalition and Express Scripts
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As of 1/1/2020, Express Scripts is the proud partner of The SMART Pharmacy Coalition, providing pharmacy benefit services to Sheet Metal Funds. Through our partnership, we'll strive to lower costs for you and your members while ensuring access to high-quality care. We tailor our services and solutions for our clients and partners, exposing opportunities in pharmacy, medical and beyond to create better health for all.

Our commitment to Labor

Understanding the needs of labor unions is at the core of what we do. With 50+ years of experience we know and understand the evolving needs of your members. We push further for labor Funds – actively listening and rigorously interrogating our extensive data to pinpoint opportunities and unlock new value.

  • Proudly serve over 275 labor Funds and 5M members of America’s working families
  • 99% retention rate among labor clients over the past 3 years
  • Proudly employ ~1,000 union members
  • Continue to build our own infrastructure at Express Scripts with 100% union labor resulting in 1M square feet and 1.5M hours.
  • U.S. based patient care advocates and pharmacists on call 24/7/365

What our partnership brings to the table

SMART Pharmacy Coalition offering
We offer large labor service and pricing to small and medium-sized Funds with no fee to join. You'll always maintain your autonomy because you can keep your current benefit design and only add the clinical programs that are right for you and your members.
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Experienced partner
We're leading the way in pharmacy care, specialty pharmacy, data services and clinical, medical and supply chain management. Our commitment to a simpler, more sustainable health care system starts with an unwavering focus on who we serve. We listen to and anticipate each and every challenge and deliver solutions that meet every individual need.
Labor-focused account team
SMART Pharmacy Coalition members will have access to a core account team which consists of experienced health care professionals, all of whom understand labor-specific needs and bring their tenured knowledge to support complex plans and respond quickly to your changing needs.
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Therapeutic Resource Centers
At the heart of our condition-specific approach to care are Therapeutic Resource Centers, pharmacy practices that specialize in caring for patients with the most complex and costly conditions. These centers cover cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, HIV, asthma, depression, and many rare and specialty conditions. Therapeutic Resource Centers are designed to optimize the safe and appropriate dispensing of therapeutic agents, minimize waste, and improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Delivering Better Health and Affordability

Things may feel different, we're always here to help
As businesses plan for the future, we're here to help you navigate a new world with solutions designed to provide cost savings, minimize member disruptions and deliver greater long-term value.

Unlocking value while looking ahead

We understand that innovation moves the needle towards improving health care. To solve your unique challenges, Express Scripts digs deep into your data, conducts research and exposes new opportunities. Learn more about our solutions and ways we help our clients achieve better outcomes and lower their drug spend.
Advanced Utilization Management
Making sure the safest, most cost-effective drug is chosen, while establishing the proper use, selection and amount of medication is being applied.
Health Connect 360SM
Health Connect 360SM offers an in-depth view across the health care continuum, facilitating total care coordination while lowering costs and improving outcomes.
Specialty copay assistance program that can put your member's minds at ease.
Better care at a lower cost for patients and payers.
Express Scripts Partners
Dan Castellano
Daniel Castellano
Senior Director, National Labor Division
As one of the leaders in our Labor division, I spend every day driving the business strategy and serving as a strategic resource for our labor Funds. As our partner we will be able to lower the cost for you and your members while ensuring access to high-quality care. As your goals continue to evolve so will our offerings, which will help you manage cost and ensure a positive experience and outcomes. To learn more about our experience with labor funds and how we can help you please contact me at
Jesse Schultz
Jesse Schultz
Vice President, Sales
We’re thankful you’re considering us as your pharmacy partner. As a health services company our focus is on making health care more affordable, accessible and simpler for payers, providers and, above all, patients. We would be thrilled to have an opportunity to work with you and your patients. To learn about all the ways we can help you better manage your population during these uncertain times and beyond please contact me at
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