Focused support and capabilities to serve Special Needs Plans

Serving 300,000 SNP lives across our book of business, we understand the your specific needs and challenges you face to support your members. Our experts provide innovative, strategic solutions that align with your plan's unique priorities. We believe health is what makes progress possible. Let's embrace our relentless passion and define the future of health care – together.
Special needs plans
Nikki White
Nikki White
Vice President and General Manager, Sales and Account Management
As the leader of your account service team, I am eager to demonstrate my commitment to ensuring your plan's growth, quality and clinical goals across all lines of business. My team and I are ready to partner with you to better understand your unique challenges and share our vision for how we can help your plan.

Meet our Special Needs Plans team

With the unique opportunities and challenges Special Needs Plans face, we understand and appreciate the specific support your team needs and are committed to approach the market differently to meet those needs. Learn about our experts in regulated markets.
Jennie Knisley
Jennie Knisley

Vice President and General Manager, Regulated Markets

Jennie has served the organization for more than 10 years, with extensive knowledge and experience supporting regulated markets, including leading the Express Scripts PDP, giving her a unique perspective on plan needs.

Anju Wilfred
Anju Wilfred

Director, Special Needs Plans

Anju has been with Express Scripts since 2009 and has managed several products within the Medicare and Medicaid space. Currently overseeing a team that creates innovative solutions for the ever-changing MA (Part C), dual (Medicare-Medicaid) and Medicaid Managed care population. Her passion lies in creating streamlined scalable processes to solve various challenges in the regulated market space.

Guarav Pokharel
Guarav Pokharel

Senior Manager, Special Needs Plans

Gaurav has been with Express Scripts since 2016 and has exclusively managed various Duals products like Medicare-Medicaid Plans (MMP), Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans (D-SNP), Program of All-inclusive for the Elderly (PACE), Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB) and other dual plan types.

John Koch
John Koch, RN, BSN, MBA

Senior Product Manager, Special Needs Plans

John is our resident ISNP and CSNP SME. A registered nurse by training, John has unique insight in to the needs of those with chronic conditions as well as those members who are served in skilled nursing facilities. 

Brittany Neu
Brittany Neu

Director, Medicare Market Development

Brittany brings ten years of experience to the Medicare Part D space to the team. She partners with your sales lead to ensure that your plan needs and requirements are front and center throughout the sales process, and that should you become an Express Scripts client, the hand-off to the ongoing Regulated Markets support team is clean and effective. 

Kristina Angelli
Kristina Angelli

Product Manager, Special Needs Plans

Kristina has 12 years of PBM experience and has assisted with several products within the Medicare and Medicaid space, including Marketing, Long-Term Care, Adjustments and Prescription Drug Event (PDEs). She is an expert in Dual Special Need Plans (D-SNPs) and Medicare-Medicaid Plans (MMPs) and a SME in the Qualified Medicare Beneficiary (QMB) product.

A trusted Medicare and Special Needs Plans partner

We can help power your success

Capabilities catered to your specific needs

Express Scripts understands that SNPs must be supported differently. As such, within our regulated markets division comprising of more than 300,000 SNP lives across 17 clients with SNP populations – across CSNP, DSNP and ISNP.
Dual Eligible Special Needs Plans
Within our dedicated SNP team, we have multiple individuals focused only on Duals; charged with monitoring and interpreting the CMS duals regulatory landscape and individual state landscapes in order to proactively address potential impacts to state DSNP.
Chronic Special Needs Plans
Within our SNP team, we also have resources focused specifically on the needs of Chronic Special Needs Plans in areas such as ESRD, cardiac, dementia and diabetes.
Institutional Special Needs Plans
We understand that the ISNP population interacts with their benefit differently. As such, we’ve partnered with our plans to drive solutions specific to their Special Needs Plans population, such as an MTM program which targets outreach to nurse practitioners for institutionalized members.
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A Special Needs Plan's experience working with Express Scripts
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Nabil Umer
Director of Pharmacy at Amida Care
We are a Special Needs [HIV] Plan and started with 6,000 members five years ago. The biggest advantage for a plan of our size with Express Scripts is the resources they have and make available to us.

The key is how they have tailored their support within our unique model of care, around our specific goals and needs, and supported us with our work down to the member level. Whether it's identifying opportunities in adherence, or helping us to use our medical and pharmacy data to identify gaps, I have found the client service team very easy to manage and the whole team has been great.

Leveraging a proven track record of delivering for our Medicare clients

6M 6M
We support more than 6 million Medicare Part D beneficiaries
42% 42%
of Medicare client experienced negative trend in 2019
88% 88%
of MAPD members are in 4-5 STAR Part D plans
100% 100%
of regulated markets performance guarantees met in 2020

Meet our sales team

Our sales team looks forward to getting to you know and discussing how we can help support your Special Needs Plans. If you have any questions or need further information, we're here to help!
Scott Fitzgibbon
Scott Fitzgibbon
Vice President, Health Plan Sales – Midwest
Rachel Reese
Rachel Reese
Vice President, Health Plan Sales – East Coast
Dave Sozinho
Dave Sozinho
Vice President, Health Plan Sales – West Coast
Fred Bendana
Fred Bendaña
Vice President, Health Plan and Government Sales