Empowering you to make health care affordable, predicable, and simple
Thank you for the opportunity to continue our 12 year strategic relationship! We are committed to continue investing in innovation and flexibility to support you in achieving all of your strategic initiatives. Together we will continue to make health better for you and your members, making it affordable, predictable and simple. We've accomplished so much together over the last 12 years, and we can't wait to see what we can do next in the coming years.
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Michael Donnelly
Michael S. Donnelly
President, Government Markets & myMatrixx
For the past 12 years, it has been an honor to work with you to tackle your toughest challenges, uncover opportunities to take action, and deliver better outcomes – like no one else can. We’ll continue to put your members first in pursuit of a simpler, more sustainable system that provides better health, well-being and sense of security.

Taking advantage of savings opportunities

Our focus is on making health care better for payers, providers and, above all, patients. We want to thank you for trusting us with your plan and members and allowing us to be your consultative partner of choice. We wanted to take an opportunity and highlight some great achievements that our solutions have brought to your plan and your members. The following numbers reflect savings from 2017-2020.
$27M $27M
Plan savings brought to you with Advanced Utilization Management , our clinical solution focused on improving health outcomes and encouraging prescribing practices in line with clinical guidelines.
$15M $15M
Total Healthcare savings brought to you with RationalMed, our advanced solution that improves clinical and financial outcomes by integrating and evaluating medical, pharmacy, and lab data.
$6.4M $6.4M
From enrollment in SaveOnSP, our copay offset savings program that helps your members afford their specialty medication while your reducing plan trend.

Advanced Opioid Management Successes

With the onset of the opioid crises you acted fast and adopted our Advanced Opioid management solution. While the root causes of opioid abuse and misuse are complex, we know that engaging patients, prescribers, and pharmacies at critical touchpoints can mitigate the potential for abuse – and we're proud of the results of our Advanced Opioid Management solution.
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$1.8 Million
In pharmacy and medical savings
Of short acting opioid patients prescribed an opioid for the first time exceeding a 7-day supply and were successfully reduced to a 7-day supply or less
Reduction in the average day supply per claim for first time short acting opioids
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Member educational letters mailed
Drug disposal bags mailed
Icon of a black and blue monitor with medical information on-screen.
Opioid alerts sent to Physicians
Trend Central is a self-serve plan management and reporting tool giving Texas A&M University Systems near real-time access to pharmacy data with a wide variety of key performance indicators and interactive dashboards to help you make informed decisions. While some industry players charge for these capabilities, we believe that this type of information should be at your fingertips, free of charge.
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EGWP Implementation: Building on a quality relationship

We understand that your focus on quality and a seamless transition plays a big role when selecting a vendor. That is why we want to take a moment and reflect on our journey to EGWP and celebrate the all the successes that came from this strategic move. A move that maximized savings while creating a smooth transition for your members.
Proactive timing
In order to ensure a seamless transition we began our conversations in 2013, to educate and prepare you for a successful implementation. Even though this decision did not go live until 2019, we began our process in May 2018 to ensure you and your members fully understood and were comfortable with all of the steps that were necessary to make this a smooth transition.
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Tailored Communication
In addition to the customized Medicare letters, our well-versed EGWP representative was involved in the training you held a couple of months before the transition.
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Your EGWP plan comes to a two year total of $10.1M in savings.

Ensuring you’re prepared for the future

Today, we stand ready to help you deliver sustained health care affordability by providing an offer that delivers significant value to Texas A&M University Systems.
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Embarc Benefit Protection
Embarc brings together the health services, medical benefit management and specialty pharmacy expertise to make breakthrough medicines more affordable and ensure access for those who need it.
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The industry's first outcomes-based model of care that guarantees clinical targets and connects patient touchpoints across the care continuum. Health Connect 360 creates a holistic experience centered on a patient’s care, connecting all entities and supporting people through their engagement preferences to avoid gaps-in-care and keep them healthier.
Everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy life, anchored by a healthy mind. The Evernorth inMyndSM behavioral health care solution can help your members access mental health support and treatment on their terms.
The Lab
Express Scripts Lab Presentation- In our newly expanded Lab, we reimagined a collaborative center designed for Express Scripts researchers who “invent healthier” every day.
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The Lab

Why we love working with TAMUS

Annalisa Cooper
Annalisa Cooper, Vice President, Public Sector
Over the years you have challenged us in a collaborative way, which led to a stronger partnership. I have appreciated your willingness to be a partner, and a key advocate for us through events like SALGBA. Your participation in the Government Advisory Panel has positioned you as a leader amongst your peers. I look forward to continuing to partner with you and shape this truly unique space.
Jon Molberg
Jon Molberg, Senior Account Executive, Public Sector
As a former student of Texas A&M, it is very meaningful for me to work closely with TAMUS and continue to feel like I am a part of that family. My everyday goal is to help you manage drug costs and sustain a benefit that keeps attracting and retaining the best faculty and staff to help better our standing in the world.
Terracer Earnest
Terracer Earnest, Senior Clinical Account Executive, Public Sector
The biggest reason I enjoy working with you and your team is the amount of focus you put on your members and their overall health. While you always look to initiate programs that will result in cost savings for the plan, your members remain the main priority. I look forward to continuing to support you in your efforts to provide an affordable and secure pharmacy benefit.
Stephen Knight
Stephen Knight, Senior Account Manager, Public Sector
Aside from how wonderfully collaborative our partners are at Texas A&M University what makes this account more special and hands on for me is that I am fortunate enough to be a fellow Texan. This allows me to attend in-person strategic meetings, and support benefit fairs where I get face to face with not only the client representatives though also the active employees and retirees themselves. As we had to take a virtual approach with events or meetings, you continued to be flexible, creative and a very engaging partner.
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