4 Ways to Faster Refills With Our Enhanced Member App

Member experience when filling and refilling prescriptions plays an important role in access to medications. A new app from Express Scripts is simplifying and improving the process.
4 Ways to Fast Refills

More than ever, members are looking for convenience when managing prescriptions for themselves and their family members. A forgotten password or lost tracking information can eat up precious time and potentially delay members’ access to their prescriptions.

At Express Scripts, we are focused on innovation and harnessing technology to help insure 100 million people have access to medications that are effective, affordable and safe.

Recently, we relaunched our member app to make the most of the tool members typically use the most – their smart phone.

4 Improvements

The app's improved functionality, includes:

1. Biometric Authentication — After the initial app set-up, face or fingerprint is used to sign in instantly. This new functionality is enabling better login success rates.

2. Easy Order Refills — Members can refill a prescription with just two clicks. Our checkout success rates are greater than 90%, which is remarkable, considering the average attention span in a mobile app is less than three minutes.

3. Order Tracking — Members can track the status of their orders through a status bar that populates and shows members the real-time status of the order from Placed, to Processing, to Shipped. When the prescription is shipped, the tracking number appears allowing members to follow the order with the carrier.

4. Automatic Refills — Members can easily set up and manage auto refills, and we’re seeing auto refill requests for every 1 in 3 orders during the checkout process.

The Difference

In addition to better functionality, the new app was built as a "native app" instead of a "web app." A native app is built to be used on a particular platform or device, such as an iPhone or Android. One of the benefits of being a native app is that it automatically updates the latest technology and security updates that are pushed to that type of device, such as biometric authentication, face ID, touch ID, push notifications and location services. The previous Express Scripts app was a web app which was developed to be used across multiple systems, therefore updates for the device would not work on the app.

Getting Better, Together

At Express Scripts, we take on the toughest challenges, which includes making health care simpler. Serving the diverse needs of our 100 million members is our top priority. We are committed to constantly improving and we recognize that when we improve the whole member experience, we are better able to help improve patient outcomes. With the relaunch of our app, we have made it easier for Express Scripts members to have the ability to manage pharmacy everywhere, anytime.

We're continuing to work toward improvements to streamline member experience. Our team of usability experts are joining the 2019 American Council of the Blind Conference and Convention this week in Rochester, N.Y. where they are conducting accessibility member testing on a number of our products.

Our goal is to ensure that we’re not just meeting accessibility standards, but that we are providing an easy-to-use experience for our members, including people who use assistive technology.


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