5 Reasons to Switch to Home Delivery

In addition to cost savings, safety benefits and convenience for you, home delivery also cuts down on pharmacy-related waste – a significant problem in our health care system.
Benefits of Home Delivery Article

Do you go to the pharmacy each time you refill your medications? There’s a better option. If you take maintenance medications for chronic conditions, having these medications delivered straight to your home offers many advantages.

Patient Benefits from Switching to Home Delivery

Those that make the switch to home delivery gain cost-saving, safety, and convenience benefits. These include:

  • Money-savings due to a 90-day supply of medication
  • Free delivery
  • No trips to the pharmacy
  • Greater than 99.99% dispensing accuracy, which is statistically safer than in-store pharmacies
  • Higher likelihood that you’ll take your medication as prescribed (and fewer chances to forget to refill)
  • Option for automatic refills

All of these benefits also give you peace of mind that your prescription therapy plan is being followed with minimal effort from you.

Home Delivery Reduces Pharmacy Waste

Taking advantage of home delivery doesn’t just help you as a patient.

Pharmacy-related waste is a significant problem in our healthcare system. Express Scripts estimates that a total of $96.3 billion of this waste could be reduced by using a home delivery option.

Have You Made the Switch?

We want to hear from you. Share your story here about how prescription delivery has saved you time and money or improved your health.

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