Accredo's Rare Diseases Therapeutic Resource Center Always Answers When Patients Call

Accredo helps patients with rare diseases navigate challenges and provides care throughout their journey.

Less than 2% of the U.S. population suffers from a rare disease, and nearly 50% of these patients are children. The Accredo Rare Diseases Therapeutic Resource Center™ focuses on these patients, who truly are the sickest of the sick and rarest of the rare.

Rachel is a single mother of five children. Her two-year-old daughter Alani has congenital generalized lipodystrophy (CGL), a metabolic disorder affecting one in 10 million people. As with treatments for other rare or orphan conditions, the medications require careful administration and repeated education. Anxiety around administering the treatments themselves, is coupled with the healthcare insurance benefits or financial concerns that the patient or caregiver have. Accredo helps them navigate these challenges and cares for them throughout their journey.

“When patients call us, they need our help,” notes Will Griffith, a pharmacist and managing director at the Rare Diseases TRC. “From benefit investigation to financial resources support to pharmacist counseling, all of our services are oriented around the patient to make sure they don’t have any roadblocks to therapy.”

“Alani is as unique as her disease,” says Rachel. “I feel comfort in knowing that someone from Accredo is checking on me.” The pharmacy experts at our Rare Diseases TRC approach their work with the compassion and knowledge that Rachel and Alani need.

Express Scripts is proud of our comprehensive efforts to support rare diseases:

  • Accredo offers specialty pharmacy and related services for rare disease patients.
  • CuraScript SD manages rare disease drug distribution, providing services to hospitals, healthcare providers and specialty pharmacies.
  • UBC partners with life science companies to manager clinical trials and make medical products safer and more affordable. 

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