Bringing Pharmacy to the Workplace Makes Health Care Simpler

Express Scripts and MedAvail are making pharmacy more convenient by deploying automated, self-service pharmacy kiosks in the workplace.
MedAvail Kiosk

Making health care simpler means making it more convenient. For employees at a large corporate campus in Arizona, that means filling their prescriptions without leaving work.

Following a successful pilot program, we’re partnering with MedAvail’s SpotRx Pharmacy to provide self-service pharmacy kiosks in the workplace.

Up to 30% of new prescriptions never get filled, frequently because of the inconvenience of picking up a medication from a retail pharmacy. SpotRx brings pharmacy care into the flow of people’s lives.

Patients can ask their doctors to send prescriptions electronically to the kiosks or scan in a handwritten prescription. Pharmacists remotely review each prescription and the patient’s insurance coverage before the kiosk dispenses any medicine. Patients who would like to speak with the pharmacist can have a live consultation via video cam while using phone handsets for privacy.

For an initial fill, the process takes 7 to 9 minutes, while refills take as little as 90 seconds. Members who download an accompanying app can use it to order refills and transfer prescriptions from other pharmacies. The app notifies patients when a prescription is ready and provides a barcode to scan in at the kiosk when picking up the prescription.  

The kiosks align with the patient’s prescription benefit and accept all credit and debit cards, including cards linked to healthcare spending accounts.

We work with MedAvail to identify and stock the most commonly used maintenance medications for a particular patient population. In addition, the kiosks can dispense common over-the-counter drugs without a prescription. Controlled substances and temperature-sensitive medications are not stocked in the kiosks.

By making it easier to get the medication they need when they need it, we believe SpotRx can help members stay adherent to their medications and improve their pharmacy experience.

Due to variances in state regulations, pharmacy kiosks are not approved for use in every state. For more information about SpotRx, clients should contact their account manager.

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