Creating an Accessible Experience for Everyone

With a focus on digital accessibility, the Express Scripts experience is easy to use for everyone.
Accessibility at Express Scripts

At Express Scripts, we design every website and mobile app with accessibility in mind. The resulting features – including high color contrast, large font size, and large buttons or links – make our sites a better experience for all members, not just those with disabilities.

When we build a digital experience, we strive to make it work for as many people as possible in as many circumstances as possible. As people age, we may experience a natural decrease in vision and hearing. Motor or mobility issues such as hand tremors can make it harder to click on links. Temporary disabilities such as a broken wrist or sprained finger can affect how we interact with digital content. Even the environment can be a factor: For example, we may need to operate a mobile device with one hand in bright sunlight while carrying a baby or a bag of groceries.

We were able to retire our accessible text-only, large-font member site in 2016, when we made enhancements to the most commonly used features of the main site that increased accessibility for all. For example, every step of ordering a refill can be accomplished using only a keyboard or assistive technology such as screen readers.

In conjunction with building out our accessibility program, we worked to ensure that our design language and development library integrates accessibility standards by providing our designers and developers a foundation of consistent, re-usable patterns with accessibility baked in.

As our sites continue to evolve, we continuously conduct automated and manual accessibility testing so we can discover and fix any issues early on. We’ve partnered with Starkloff Disability Institute in St. Louis and built a relationship with the American Council for the Blind to conduct research and improve our sites.

One of our core beliefs at Express Scripts is affordable, predictable, and simple health care for all. Communicating with members in ways that are accessible to them is a core part of how we achieve that.

To hear more about digital accessibility at Express Scripts, listen to my conversation on the Spruik podcast.

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