Helping Military Members and Their Families at the Point of Care

Connecting TRICARE providers to the information that they need to improve predictability and quality of health care for our military members is vital to keeping them healthy. (Estimated Reading Time: ~2 mins.)
TRICARE Real-time Prescription Benefit

Pharmacy care begins in the hands of the provider – not only because they assess the need for care but then prescribe the right clinical therapy. New technology developed by Express Scripts will support greater collaboration between TRICARE beneficiaries and their provider with real time, patient-specific pharmacy data during the patient’s office visit in order to make access to medication affordable and predictable for them.

Providers can view pharmacy coverage and cost data in real time to answer patient’s questions at the point of care. This allows for any issues to be readily addressed and resolved quickly since a patient often has questions around drug coverage and whether therapeutic alternatives are clinically and financially acceptable. This tool helps to streamline relevant information to make the office visit more efficient and productive.

The Real-Time Prescription Benefit tool specifically provides the following information, which is transmitted to providers in less than two seconds for those who have this functionality embedded in their electronic health record:

  • Additional medication options in the same therapy class 
  • Additional pharmacy choices that can be reviewed at the point of care
  • Coverage alerts, to include prior authorizations and medical necessity
  • Patient out-of-pocket costs

Greater communication between TRICARE beneficiaries and their providers around medication options often means a reduction in pharmacy callbacks, greater price transparency, greater adherence, and better health outcomes.

Readiness is top of mind for the Defense Health Agency, TRICARE’s managing agency, and Express Scripts is proud to contribute to this important mission and to serve those who serve the most.

TRICARE providers can find more information on the Real-Time Prescription Benefit tool here.

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