The One Thing Plan Sponsors Can Do Right Now For Members During COVID-19

Giving members options by filling 90-day supplies through the Express Scripts Pharmacy or at retail pharmacies can provide peace of mind during COVID-19.

As with any crisis, individuals and families are looking for leaders and institutions that they can count on, especially when it relates to their health during a pandemic. According to the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer, Employers are the most trusted institution, so it’s natural that members would turn to you to provide guidance during this uncertain time.

With COVID-19, members are especially concerned about leaving their home to get their medications.

Overall, we know that access to medication is something that members need right now: we are seeing an increase in prescription volume across all products due to more members moving their prescriptions to 90-day fills with home delivery through the Express Scripts PharmacySM. We also know that when members have a 90-day supply on hand, they are 19 percent more adherent to their medications. This keeps them healthier, saves the plan money in downstream medical costs, and provides peace of mind in the midst of disruption and uncertainty, like COVID-19.

What your members can do right now: use the Express Scripts Pharmacy

If you have a home delivery program in place, members who take maintenance medications can select the Express Scripts Pharmacy by logging into their account on our website or through our mobile app to switch to home delivery. This will give them the option to receive a 90-day supply and ensure that they can adhere to social distancing guidelines by getting medication delivered directly to their home. We have informed members directly of this option through our member website, and communicated through other channels by mailing letters, sending emails, and placing phone calls.

What plan sponsors can do right now: turn on Smart90® for a home delivery and retail option

We don’t know how long this crisis will last and while home delivery through the Express Scripts Pharmacy is the best option when members are instructed to stay home, we know that giving members options can also provide peace of mind. Our Smart90 plan is designed to do just that.

With this program, members can choose where to fill their 90-day supply, either from the Express Scripts Pharmacy or from an in-network retail pharmacy, depending on each member’s preference.

During this time, our retail pharmacies partners are also shifting their medication access methods to adhere to social distancing guidelines by offering:

  • Most are offering local delivery
  • 24 hour drive-thru options
  • Convenient locations near members
  • The ability to transfer prescriptions easily by phone or online
  • Savings when paying one 90-day copay vs. three 30-day copays
  • Expanded health and wellness services
  • Same day pick-up for most prescriptions

In these unprecedented times, we are adequately prepared to make the medications your members need accessible when and where they need them. We can be proud that this isn’t an additional burden that they need to concern themselves with and that they can, instead, focus on what they need to do in order to stay healthy and safe.

For more information on the Express Scripts Pharmacy or Smart90, contact your account team.

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