Outcomes Day One: Personalized, Simpler Care

We're committed to taking on the toughest challenges in health care, standing alongside 650 attendees representing 450 companies and 100 million members.
Outcomes Day 1 Recap

Express Scripts clients have the tremendous responsibility of providing health care benefits for 100 million members.  It’s a responsibility that requires extensive knowledge of the health care industry as well as passion for members’ health.

That knowledge and passion is evident in every conversation we’re having at this year’s Outcomes, a two-day conference where we’re taking on the toughest challenges in health care and collaborating on ways we can reduce costs and improve members’ access to the best care available.

Our Day One theme is how we can drive our health care system toward simpler care, and the many levers we can pull using technology, personalized care, and making room for medical breakthroughs.

Our day was fast-paced, inspiring, and most of all thought-provoking, because only when we challenge ourselves to innovate and turn the status quo upside down can we truly make a difference in health care and the lives of our members.

Outcomes One Year Later

We kicked off the day by highlighting a few key accomplishments since last year’s Outcomes, including:

  • 72% decrease in rescue inhaler use among people with asthma or COPD in 2018 through the use of remote monitoring technology, as part of our Pulmonary Care ValueSM program, allowing for a pulmonary specialist pharmacist to engage with a patient after observing increased rescue inhaler use.
  • 1.4 million days of opioids not dispensed due to continued enhancements to our Advanced Opioid Management program.
  • 385,000 nursing care hours from Accredo’s field nurses who provide care, education, medication and compassion to those with the most complex and critical conditions

A Three-Part Solution

In the months following the announcement of the Express Scripts and Cigna combination, our clients have heard about our aligned shared values and the opportunities we have to use our scale and expertise to be the largest custom health services company. In a question and answer forum, clients heard from David Cordani, President & CEO, Cigna, and Tim Wentworth, President, Express Scripts & Cigna Services, who highlighted their shared vision to make a difference in health care by providing best-in-class services that address lifestyle and behavioral health, pharmaceutical care and medical care.

By creating a more sustainable health care system that focuses on whole person health, we can optimize the quality of life for patients.

The Digital Revolution

Guest speaker Susannah Fox, Principal, Internet Geologist LLC, shared highlights from research she’s done that shows a high percentage of people using digital tools to connect with others who have similar health conditions and the value of those connected communities.

Susannah also highlighted the power of data, through such programs as Blue Button, a government-sponsored program that allows patient access to health records.

“If we can connect to each other and use data to create changes, I really see hope in our health care system,” Susannah said.

Personalized, Connected Care

Snezana Mahon, PharmD, Vice President & General Manager, Clinical Solution, Express Scripts, shared that personalized health care is not a buzz word – it’s an important solution to a system that too often tries to treat every patient the same.

She and her team have created a program that provides customized services to each member, allows clients a 360 degree view of everything Express Scripts is doing for the clients’ members, and guarantees clinical targets across 25 conditions.

To help clients recognize how Health Connect 360 works, Snezana shared this example: Recently, an Express Scripts health manager supporting a client’s Health Connect 360 program, saw through electronic health records that a member’s HbA1c test result showed dangerously high blood sugar levels. In addition, the health manager saw that the member was non-adherent to medications prescribed for high blood pressure and high cholesterol. The health manger reached out to the member’s health care provider to help manage care for this member. The health care provider prescribed insulin and the member agreed to auto refills and to using a pill box to help remind the member to take medication as prescribed.

These interventions are working to improve the member’s health while also reducing costs for the client.

Collaborating to Improve Health Care

Steve Miller, MD, Chief Clinical Officer, Cigna, wrapped up the day’s presentation with a call for continued collaboration to find innovative ways to address waste in the health care system and improve care for members. He shared this important statistic: In 2018, the U.S. saw $3.6 trillion in health expenditures, and one third of that spend was waste.

Many factors contribute to the tremendous cost of health care, including: an aging population, increase in chronic diseases, and costs related to bringing gene and cell therapies to market.

Health care is not a one size fits all solution. Instead, with specialist teams of nurses, pharmacists, social workers, and patient care advocates who work across members’ care continuum, we can get to better health outcomes and lower costs.

Express Scripts and our clients are taking on the toughest health care challenges and making history through collaboration, personalized care, and innovative solutions.


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