Proudly Delivering for our Military

Our Federal Pharmacy Services team ensures that our nation's retirees, our active duty military personnel and their families receive the care they deserve.
TRICARE Veterans

Veterans Day, Nov. 11, provides the opportunity to honor the sacrifices of all men and women who have served our nation. At Express Scripts, we extend our gratitude to all military personnel. As a military veteran and an Express Scripts employee, I stand with our Federal Pharmacy Services team – 3,000 strong across all branches of service – to ensure that our nation’s military retirees, our active duty military personnel and their families receive the medications they need and the care they deserve.

Better Service for Those Who Serve

Veterans Day also offers an occasion to reflect on the challenges faced by our military communities, including challenges related to health. For example, an estimated 25% of veterans are diabetic, nearly triple the national average of 9.4%. The Veterans Health Administration reports that military veterans also are more likely to be diagnosed with chronic conditions associated with diabetes, including hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and heart disease. Because veterans are disproportionately affected by these and other adverse health conditions, we designed home delivery from the Express Scripts PharmacySM to reduce cost and improve the quality and convenience of care for all TRICARE® beneficiaries.

TRICARE beneficiaries can receive their medications anytime, anywhere via home delivery. To optimize convenience, they can use the Express Scripts mobile app to re-order their prescriptions with the tap of a finger.

When they have questions or concerns regarding their medication, beneficiaries have round-the-clock access to Express Scripts pharmacists. Our pharmacists also work behind the scenes, reviewing prescriptions before they are dispensed to prevent the possibility of harmful interactions. When weather is an issue, we provide climate-controlled packaging.

With no cost for standard shipping and no copay for active-duty beneficiaries, home delivery provides convenient, safe delivery of prescription medications with significant savings. To date, our company  has generated $4.2 billion in savings for the government, while also saving beneficiaries approximately 66% of their out of pocket expense when they use our mail order pharmacy compared to the cost of filling prescriptions at retail.

Taking on the Toughest, Together

This year, Express Scripts received the distinction of being named to the “Best for Vets” list, as one of the top veteran-friendly employers in the United States. Our employees promote awareness and inclusion of veterans through our VaLOR (Veterans and Leaders Organizing Resources) employee resource group, which offers opportunities to assist, guide and support those who have served. At Express Scripts, one of every 12 employees is a veteran, and we value and support our service men and women beyond the battlefield.

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