A Reimagined Research Lab to Transform Health Care

In our newly expanded Lab, we reimagined a collaborative center designed for Express Scripts researchers who “invent healthier” every day.
Lab Launch

For more than 30 years, Express Scripts has led the industry in inventing new solutions for some of America’s most difficult health care challenges, and changing “what if?” to “what is.”

A new chapter in that legacy begins now with the opening of our newly updated and expanded Lab – a reimagined, technologically advanced research and solution design center where our diverse team of experts will help make health care simpler, more affordable and more predictable.

Working in the Lab is a team of more than 160 passionate problem solvers, many of whom contribute frequently to our thought leadership platform. Collectively these physicians, pharmacists, nurses, data and behavioral scientists, and user experience and solution designers have more than 1,000 years of experienced working in health care. Together, they use their expertise, our vast data resources and advanced technology to generate and test ideas for improving care, service and costs. On average, each member of this team has created four or more health solutions.

In just the first half 2019, solutions created at the Lab delivered health plans, employers and their beneficiaries more than $14 billion in savings.

Immersing Ourselves in the Patient Experience

As part of the expansion, Express Scripts created a new Rapid Prototyping and Immersion space where our experts and partners -- including plan sponsors, patients, providers, research fellows and entrepreneurs -- can experience and better understand living with chronic and complex illnesses, and then test new technologies and approaches that can improve that experience as well as their health.

A new Voice of the Customer command center integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning and billions of data elements to help us isolate precisely what patients, and their physicians, need to improve service, care, outcomes and lower costs.

In the next decade, we are going to see health care change dramatically, and we believe technology will play an even greater role in a person’s care than ever before. In this new playing field for innovation, our team, and our partners, can immerse themselves in the health experience and prepare for the dramatic changes in care that are on the horizon.

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