ScriptVision Gives Physicians Real-Time Access to Patient-Specific Information

Now in beta testing, the app is a new addition to our suite of provider solutions.
Scriptvision for Physicians

Express Scripts is launching a new effort to expand prescriber access to real-time pharmacy information to help customers save money on their prescription medications. This newest service brings transparency not only to prescription prices, but also to clinical care. And, it’s designed specifically for physicians.

Giving physicians the visibility they need

The Express Scripts ScriptVisionSM suite of solutions enables physicians and personalizes care through delivering digital, data-driven capabilities right into physicians’ workflow. These capabilities, such as real-time prescription benefit, electronic prior authorization and clinical direct messaging, give physicians real-time visibility to information they need to make better clinical and cost-effective decisions with patients, right in the exam room.

ScriptVision builds on Express Scripts’ commitment to industry-leading, data-driven tools and programs to help prescribers make the best therapy decisions for patients at point-of-care. Express Scripts was the first PBM in the market to bring real-time prescription benefit information directly to physicians in their electronic health records in 2016. This technology provides patient-specific information at the point of prescribing, including patient out-of-pocket costs, coverage alerts, and therapeutic options. The real-time prescription benefits capability is just one of our data-driven technologies built to remove barriers to care and champion a simplified experience for physicians and patients.

There’s an app for that

New to this suite of solutions is the ScriptVisionTM (beta) Physician app, which provides prescribers without EHR access similar real-time prescription benefit functionality within a mobile application. While we are reaching hundreds of thousands of prescribers through an EHR, there are still many more who do not have access to this information, and we want to close that gap. In the beta version of the app, prescribers gain access to patient-specific benefit information for people with a pharmacy benefit plan managed by Express Scripts. Within seconds, the prescriber will see accurate pricing in real-time by drug and pharmacy channel, in addition to relevant coverage alerts (such as step therapy) and potential therapeutic options.

With this ScriptVision Physician app many more physicians will be able to easily access their patients’ prescription benefit information, right from their mobile device. Collectively, all of our digital provider solutions are built to simplify the prescribing process and provide more patient-specific information at the point-of-care, which leads to better medication safety, better formulary compliance, higher patient medication adherence, and overall improved physician and customer satisfaction.

Now in beta testing, the app will be more widely available later in 2019.

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