On-site Flu Clinics Good for Members and Employers

Express Scripts offers employers the opportunity to host on-site flu clinics to help improve health outcomes for members, while reducing absenteeism and downstream medical costs.
Flu Clinic

Autumn is headed our way, and what could be better than a season of cooler weather, fall colors and pumpkin spice lattes? A season without the flu, that’s what. That may not be possible, but Express Scripts’ clients can promote better health for their employees in the months ahead by utilizing our on-site flu clinic.

The message from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is clear: The best way to prevent the flu is to get vaccinated every year.

The CDC recommends that everyone six months of age and older should receive a yearly flu vaccine, which has been shown to prevent flu illnesses, doctors’ visits and hospitalizations. Yet the CDC reports that most adults are unaware that they need vaccines.

The Flu at Work

Employees in the U.S. miss approximately 17 million workdays due to flu each year, costing an estimated $7 billion annually in sick days and lost productivity.

Understandably, sick employees do not perform at their best, demonstrating impaired performance by 20% to 40%. Still, we know that one in four Americans shows up at work when they’re not feeling well. Doing so also puts others’ health in jeopardy: Adults with the flu can be contagious for up to two weeks.

According to the CDC, the flu vaccination reduces the risk of having to visit the doctor by about 60 percent for people of all ages.

By bringing flu vaccinations to the workplace, the Express Scripts on-site flu clinic can help:

  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Reduce downstream medical costs
  • Reduce the spread of the flu to other employees

The on-site flu clinic is offered as part of our Pharmacy Vaccination Program, which provides savings on the most commonly prescribed vaccinations, including the flu vaccine. As part of the program, Express Scripts provides employers with turnkey member communications materials, which make it easy to implement.  Clients who want to enroll in the Pharmacy Vaccination Program should contact their account manager.

An Ounce of Prevention

The on-site flu clinic offers a convenient way to promote wellness within the workplace. It saves employees time, eliminating the need for a trip to a pharmacy or a doctor’s office. It saves money: Flu vaccines administered via the clinic are available at a reduced administration fee. And by keeping employees well, it gives them the time and energy to enjoy all that fall has to offer.


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