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The mobile app offers a more personalized experience for members, providing on-the-go access to benefit information.
Understand Your New Benefit

Express Scripts is committed to making the pharmacy experience easy for our members, in ways that are already part of their busy lives. We’ve launched services on the Express Scripts mobile app that are more personalized and give members access to their benefit information so they can make informed choices, wherever they may be.

Find the Lowest Cost Prescription Option On-The-Go

To ensure our members can always find the lowest cost option available to them, the app features our Price a Medication tool, which identifies the lowest cost pharmacy option, and identifies potential, lower-cost prescription alternatives. The tool provides access to customized, real-time pricing data that can help members talk to their physician at the point of prescribing, and review the best prescription options based clinical need, cost and their plan.

When using the Price a Medication tool on the Express Scripts mobile app, members can:

  • Search by current GPS location or ZIP code to compare costs from up to 10 retail pharmacies as well as home delivery.
  • View nearby pharmacies in list or map view and link to driving directions.
  • View the generic equivalent or generic alternative costs for comparison, when available, when searching for a brand-name drug.


The app allows members to stay on track with medicines on-the-go, and easily share current, detailed prescription history with healthcare providers.

The member can view their prescription history and payment details for the past 24 months. If a household view is enabled, the member can also manage refills and see the claims history for other patients in their family.

The Medicine Cabinet feature enables members to set dosage reminders for each medicine they are taking. In addition, members can set a reminder to be notified when a medicine is running low and needs to be refilled.

Staying Informed

For members who use the Express Scripts PharmacySM, they can easily see which prescriptions are due for refill or renewal and reorder that medication with a few clicks. Medicine costs are clearly displayed throughout the checkout process. The mobile app displays current accurate order status information, including the estimated ship date for all orders, real-time tracking, and messaging to let them know if a prescription is going to be delayed.

The current status of a deductible, out-of-pocket expenses and other costs is also available any time via the member website.

Putting medicine within reach means putting information within reach. With personalized prescription information and transparent pricing on the mobile app, Express Scripts members have the ability to manage pharmacy everywhere, any time.

Stay Informed
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