Trend Central: Better Data, Better Access, Better Outcomes

This self-serve plan management and reporting tool offers a complete view of your member population.
Trend Central

With 2018 at a close, clients are looking back to better understand how members used their plan so they can improve performance and manage costs in the New Year. That's why we continue to add new solutions in Trend Central, a reporting tool that helps clients view and manage their pharmacy benefit and make educated decisions.

If you’re not familiar with Trend Central, think of it as a self-serve plan management and reporting solution that allows users to get a complete view of their member population. For example, clients can see if drug costs are increasing for a specific disease state or if the cost for patients on a particular medication is increasing. With just a few clicks, you can monitor utilization, explore trend drivers and evaluate savings opportunities to keep costs down and improve the health outcomes of members. This is highly valuable since benefit managers find themselves under increased pressure to manage drug spend without sacrificing the quality of care for their members.

For more than two years, Express Scripts has invested heavily in Trend Central to make it faster, easier to use and to provide access to even more data for analysis. New features include:

  • An updated intuitive user interface and streamlined workflow
  • Reporting feature with information from the day that the claim occurred
  • A comprehensive Trend Performance Summary package with industry benchmarking
  • Automated periodic reporting

In all, Trend Central provides unparalleled functionality and flexibility to access the information needed to make smart decisions about a plan’s performance, both now and in the future. That’s why we’re committed to improving access and analysis of this data for clients in Trend Central to ultimately improve financial and health outcomes for patients. Over the next two years, users can expect:

  • Faster access to claims and rebate data to make near real-time decisions
  • Interactive graphs & charts designed to help with decision support
  • Enhanced reporting features, including new templates and custom reporting options for even faster and easier decision-making
  • Notifications about opportunities to optimize their plans through a new, more intuitive user interface

We believe in getting better together, by enabling clients with the tools they need to expose opportunities that will allow them to unlock new value and better health outcomes, no matter how tough the challenge.

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