BASF: Health is what makes progress possible

We appreciate your dedication to the safety and health of your members and the communities you serve. We believe that health is the starting point of progress and potential. Let's embrace our mutual and relentless passion to define the future of health care – together.
Amy Bricker
Amy Bricker
President, Express Scripts
Health is more complicated, more fragmented and more costly than it needs to be. We're changing all of that. Being part of the solution to transform health care as we know it – to make it more affordable, predictable and simple – is a vision we can all get behind. We want to be your partner – to take on your toughest health care challenges, expose opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability and help you prepare for what's known as well as what could be next.
Matthew Schoenthaler
Matthew Schoenthaler
Vice President, Sales
I am looking forward to getting to know the BASF team and connecting on how we may be able to support your business and serve your members. We understand that you need more than a vendor to service your claims. You need a strategic health services partner to take on your toughest health care challenges, identify opportunities, and strategize to make those opportunities a success. We want to be your trusted partner to take great care of your team, your clients, and their members and families for years to come.

Our reality: Health can't wait

The stakes are too high. The need for more affordability, predictability and simplicity in health care is too great. Our reality is that health can't wait. We are solving the problems others don't, won't or can't in order to deliver flexible solutions that enable better clinical and financial results and elevate health for all.
14% 14%
Patients with 1-2 chronic conditions and highly fragmented care are 14% more likely to be hospitalized
60% 60%
Individuals with unmet social needs are more likely to have chronic conditions, including a 60% greater prevalence of diabetes
48% 48%
Specialty drug spend makes up nearly 48% of pharmacy costs, and is expected to increase over the next 4 years
94% 94%
94% of providers lack easy access to medical information due to different EMR systems
Latest insights and resources to help you

Stay ahead of the curve

Helpful resources to help you manage your plan

Explore our latest content and tools focused on helping you navigate changes in the dynamic health care industry.
Health Care in Focus
Health Care in Focus
The past year challenged our health care system like no other. But we're always looking forward, identifying ways to redefine what health care can and should be.
Drug Trend
Drug trend insights
In spite of the unique pressures presented in 2020, we helped one third of commercial plans experience a decrease in drug spending.
Employer guide
A guide to investing in better health benefits
COVID-19 has accelerated the gaps in our fragmented health care system. To help employers, we partnered with Quartz to create a guide on offering personalized and data-driven solutions to members.
COVID Vaccine Series
COVID-19 vaccine video series
Join John Wigneswaran, MD, Vice President and General Manager as we make sense of clinical issues affecting businesses, starting with rapidly evolving news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.
Bloomberg infographic
Health care needs a makeover
From reducing cost and complexity to increasing quality, connected care offers tremendous potential for the U.S. health care system. We partnered with Bloomberg to illustrate the possibilities connecting health care creates.
Bloomberg Video
A solution for life-threatening medical errors
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., but connecting health care to give physicians a 180-degree view of the patient can prevent many of these mistakes.
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Our latest innovations

As a forward-thinking organization, I thought a snapshot of our innovations and a sneak peek of The Lab, where innovation comes to life, may be of interest to BASF. Many of our solutions started as pilots in collaboration with our clients. Just imagine what we could do next – together.
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Explore The Lab
The Lab is a collaborative space where we innovate and ideate with clients to develop solutions that improve care and reduce costs.
Black and blue icon of a rocket ship taking off.
Innovation to transform health care
Almost every aspect of health care is undergoing a fundamental shift, especially with the emergence of new technologies.
Black and blue icon of a tablet featuring a variety of graphs and data.
Navigating digital health
As more consumers and providers demand and adopt digital health applications, benefits leaders are challenged with where and how to invest.

A successful partnership starts with a seamless implementation

Our mission of driving the health care industry forward is grounded in our commitment to your team and your members – and our proven care continuity and communications strategies allow us to deliver seamless transitions for the majority of your population, with many members barely registering any change at all.
99.5% 99.5%
performance guarantees met across all lines of business
98% 98%
client implementation satisfaction rate
500+ 500+
clients implemented each year on average
Focused, flexible solutions to help you achieve

Member health.
Plan wealth.

Aligned with BASF, we'll deliver affordable, predictable and simple health care to your members.

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We build on our leading, differentiated position to lower the total cost of care
We take the surprise out of the system and help people make informed health care choices
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We make it easier for the people we serve to get the care we need
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