Welcome, CalPERS. From where you sit in the organization, you probably realize health care is more complicated than it needs to be. What if you could be part of the solution to transform health care as we know it – to make it more affordable, predictable and simple? Working together, we can take on your toughest challenges, expose opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability, and help you prepare for what’s next.
Roger Holland
Vice President, Sales
Thank you for taking the time to consider Express Scripts. Our team valued having CalPERS as a client and would love to have you back, to take on your toughest health care challenges, and push the limits of what we can accomplish – together.
Amy Daily
Amy Daily
Senior Account Executive
I enjoyed getting the chance to know and work with CalPERS as a former client, and am excited at the prospect of working with your team again. Thank you for considering us as your pharmacy partner.
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When it comes to RFPs, it's not what you ask, but how
RFP Questions
In today's world where there seems to be more questions than answers, as you build your RFP, it's critical to keep in mind not just what questions you ask, but how you're asking.
Innovating for the future of health care
Innovation timeline
We're committed to unlocking new value and taking on your toughest challenges through innovation that benefits you, your members and health care as a whole.
Protecting your members in a time of uncertainty
In this uncertain time, we provide unwavering support to help plan sponsors provide their members with the medications they need to get and stay healthy, and make informed decisions to protect the health and well-being of their employees.
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Aligned with CalPERS, we’ll deliver world-class health services with a singular focus: to make health care more affordable, predictable and simple.

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We build on our leading, differentiated position to lower the total cost of care
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We take surprise out of the system and help people make informed health care choices
We make it easier for the people we serve to get the care they need
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We look forward to working together and truly appreciate you considering Express Scripts as your pharmacy partner Please reach out to me if you have any questions.
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