Cleveland Clinic: Let's define the future of health care – together

For over a century, you have been leading the way in modern medicine and health care delivery. As you write the prescription for a better, healthier future, you need partners that will innovate and co-create with you. Let’s embrace our relentless passion and define the future of health care – together.
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Michelle Connelly
Vice President, Sales
We’re looking forward to getting to know the Cleveland Clinic team and digging in to find opportunities for us to grow together and work toward improved health for all. With the recent formation of Evernorth, our health services portfolio, we are better positioned than ever to support your health system and your clients, and create a better experience for your team, members and providers.

A team designed around the unique needs of health systems and aligned to their goals

At Express Scripts, our account management teams are not only focused on pharmacy but how it intertwines with all parts of your health system. We recognize that health systems are both unique and complex; this is why your account management team will be your in-house experts to keep you apprised of industry developments and work to make strategic recommendations. We have built a team prepared to deliver flawlessly on the customized requirements that the Cleveland Clinic deserves in a partner.
Michelle Connelly
Michelle Connelly
Vice President, Sales
Rachel Reese
Vice President, Sales
Matt Perlberg
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain
Ashley Holzworth-Nash
Vice President, Clinical Strategy
William Cahill
Vice President, Account Management

Caring for specialty conditions in your population

55% 55%

55% of your trend is driven by specialty conditions, whereas it only accounts for 52% our our health systems book of business

3 3

3 of Cleveland Clinic's top 5 indications are specialty conditions: Inflammatory conditions, Cancer, and Multiple sclerosis

19 19

Pulmonary arterial hypertension is the 19th top indication for Cleveland Clinic, compared to #32 for our health systems book of business

Exposing opportunities to better support hospital and health systems' needs

Managing a hospital system as part of your plan, we understand the added degrees of difficulty you're facing to meet your unique affordability, revenue and patient-centric goals. Driven by data insights and leveraging industry knowledge, our team is equipped to help align decision makers and influencers to support your plan, your employees and the patients and communities you serve.
13% 13%
Health care costs are 13% higher for hospital workers and their dependents than they are for non-hospital workers1
8.6% 8.6%
health risk for hospital workers and their dependents is 8.6% higher than for non-hospital workers1
67% 67%
or 2/3, of hospitals are part of a health system1
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Health system client
Express Scripts is one of the leading pharmacy benefits managers and administrators. Not only do they provide pharmacy benefits management, but they stay ahead of the science behind the power of medicine and also diffuse waste and fraud in the health care space.
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Health system client
Express Scripts is a tremendous partner and strong ally in medication management solutions. They are focused on quality of care, and we are excited about using them as a resource to engage our provider and physician groups with incentives and to better engage patients in their own care and help us achieve the vision of whole person care and value focused on outcomes for our members. Express Scripts has been a part of our growth and success. As challenges arise, we challenge Express Scripts and they always rise to the occasion.
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Health system client
Express Scripts has been cutting edge with programs, services and negotiations with drug manufacturers to support their clients in offering comprehensive and affordable pharmacy benefits.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy fosters a culture of belonging and equity that advances our mission to positively impact the well-being of our people and the communities we serve.
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79% of employees agree that there is great DEI at our organization, outperforming other companies by more than 13%
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Committed to doubling diverse supplier spend to $1B by 2025
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Launched COVID-19 disparities project to slow the spread in three target markets with large Black and Hispanic populations

See how we treat specialty differently

For patients with complex or rare conditions treated by a specialty medication, missing even a single dose of medication is simply not an option – a concern that has become even more prevalent in the wake of COVID-19.
20+ 20+
condition-specific centers of excellence, with 15 focused on specialty conditions
600+ 600+
home infusion nurses across all 50 states in the U.S.
27% 27%
increase in medication adherence achieved through Accredo's holistic rare disease patient care

Accredo 340B Specialty Contract Pharmacy

Our 340B solution is more than a contract pharmacy, it’s a partnership with you. We dig deep to understand your goals and strategic vision and align our services to meet your needs.
Our 340B contract pharmacy provides nationwide pharmacy engagement representatives
In 2018, one university hospital grew by almost $1M, a 32% increase to their total 340B program value with Accredo
Dollar symbol
Hospital systems average about $115% of savings quoted with the 340B contract pharmacy in their first year
I look forward to continuing the conversation around how we grow your brand, build upon your clinical excellence and care for your members. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.
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