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Healthcare is constantly evolving. Maintaining the status quo isn’t enough to stay ahead in the face of challenges that many community-based plans face to day — and in the future. By putting innovation to work for health plans, patients and providers, we’re redefining how health care can and should function — now and in the future. This is your dedicated site to explore topics that may be of interest to you, as well as a destination for future materials.
Many health plans today are challenged with doing much more with much less

Preparing for what's next is a full-time job.
We're here to help.
44.7% 44.7%
of health plans Express Scripts partners with spent less per person on prescription drugs in 2019
0.3% 0.3%
health plan commercial drug trend in 2019 (compared to 2.3% overall trend for commercial plans managed by Express Scripts)
-5.2% -5.2%
plans participating in our SaveOnSP specialty patient assistance solution experienced a -5.2% specialty drug trend vs. 12.3% trend for nonparticipating plans

Deep Expertise in Regulated Markets

As a local health plan, you know and understand your market well. However, many of our clients rely on our unique resources, expertise and perspective as a result of helping a large portfolio of health plans just like yours. While you may be experiencing a certain regulatory change or challenge for the first time, chances are we’ve already helped another plan navigate a very similar challenge. Our job and focus is to help your plan be successful – from proven best practices and unbeatable expertise – and turn every challenge into an opportunity to help your plan.
1.2% 1.2%
Medicare drug trend in 2019
6.9% 6.9%
Medicaid drug trend in 2019
91% 91%
Of the Medicare members we support are in 4-star or better plans

Delivering A Better Experience, Better Outcomes - Guaranteed

As a health plan, you may have deep clinical knowledge and resources to continue to optimize your member experience and manage your population, but results aren't guaranteed. Health Connect 360 is the industry's only fully guaranteed, outcomes-based clinical approach that offers an unprecedented in-depth view of your healthcare environment at the member-level. Refreshed continuously with insights from patients, prescribers, pharmacists and payers, while utilizing machine learning processes, this new clinical model fully integrates all parts of the healthcare continuum, while also helping health plans improve clinical, financial, Star Ratings and/or HEDIS goals.
30+ 30+
As of April 2020, we have more than 30 plans enrolled in Health Connect 360, and 23% of the enrolled plans are Medicare health plans.
8M+ 8M+
By 1/1/2021, the Health Connect 360 platform will be supporting 8M lives.
100% 100%
Of 2019 pilot clients continued with Health Connect 360 in 2020.

Our commitment to health plans: Delivering best-in-class health services to make health care more simple, predictable and affordable

Your members' needs may be complex, but their experience shouldn't be. We're committed to simplifying and personalizing engagement with members to ensure they have access to the clinical expertise and supportive care that will lead to better outcomes for all.
Black and orange icon of a light bulb.
The future of health care is looking at the whole person and managing care at the individual level. What if you had a more holistic view of each individual and your population as a whole - with guaranteed results on the clinical outcomes that matter to you?
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Lowering costs for your plan while providing high-quality care for your members shouldn't require compromise. We have programs and tools to help you successfully manage costs while helping your members improve their health and well-being.
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