Creating a better future with Excellus

Your established strategic partner

We have partnered together to make healthcare better for your clients and members.
$15M $15M
in PMF from 2014-2019 supporting initiatives such as Academic Detailing, Medicube, Diabetes Remote Monitoring, and other custom projects
197k+ 197k+
Rational Med unique members with safety alerts
$11M+ $11M+
savings in 2019 from Formulary Rebate changes

Committed to Excellus's Continued Growth

We have partnered together with one goal in mind: your continued growth. Though our collaboration we have seen great results: Over 100K lives enrolled in SaveonSP. And, we partnered together on the University of Rochester for a net gain of 7k lives and included $140K in audit allowances and flexibility to allow the SaveonSP network for its in-house pharmacy. Last but not least, we partnered together to help you retain your largest client, RASHP.
$27M in additional revenue
Market Development in Action
For 2020, Excellus has generated $27 million in additional revenue from pharmacy through market based pricing. Click the link below to access your personalized growth report to learn about more of the outstanding work our teams have accomplished together.
New! Investing in your growth
Express Scripts Market Development is committed to fund $2 for every net new life Excellus adds to its book, to invest in new clients and members.
50 RFPs Supported
Working together to win
In just the last year alone we have supported 50 RFPs, helping ensure you have the best responses to pharmacy related questions to give Excellus the best opportunity to win and retain business.
committed to showing the value of integration
Aligned in the battle against carve-out
We are always looking for additional ways to help you tell your story. Our new Value of Integration research paper is the first of many to come to help ensure you have the best ammunition to tell your carve-in story and keep your edge.

Empowering you to make healthcare affordable, predictable, and simple

We are committed to continue to help strengthen your relationships with providers to improve costs, outcomes and experiences for them and your members. We can partner together to improve the health care experience for everyone so Excellus can make innovative leaps in the industry.
$1.6M $1.6M
SafeGuard Rx Payout for 2019
10 10
custom formularies supported
5% 5%
higher adherence than peer groups at Accredo in key therapy classes

Continuing to provide flexibility, performance and growth in Medicare

Black and purple icon of a ribbon, representing an award.
Continued star rating performance improvement
Dollar symbol
Implemented Senior Savings Model to select products
Black and blue icon of a piggy bank.
Improving profit margin in Rochester market

Flexible industry leading solutions

Learn more about flexible industry leading solutions designed to help you solve challenges in the most needed areas of health care.
Evernorth inMynd℠ Behavioral Health Care

Ensuring you’re prepared for the future

Expectations from members have never been higher. Providers are demanding a more consistent experience. Technology and market forces continue to rapidly evolve. Looking ahead, we're invested in making sure that, together, we're prepared to work toward affordable, predictable and simple care for your clients and their members.
Black and blue icon of a rocket ship taking off.
Commitment to staying on the cutting edge
We are always exploring new technology and ideas to continue bringing you the best in health care. In a rapidly changing industry, this is crucial. It ensures that you have access to the latest advancements so you can lead the market with your innovative health care strategies.
Digital Health Formulary
Our industry-first Digital Health Formulary allows Excellus and your groups to manage the fast-growing world of digital health. Future enhancements are in the works to ensure we are always improving this innovative tool.
Using data and innovation in a health crisis
No one knew what 2020 had in store for us, yet our ability to adapt and utilize data and innovative problem solving allowed us to provide much-needed relief to clients and members. We don’t know what 2021 has in store for us but we do know we are ready and willing to take on any health challenge for Excellus.
COVID-19: keeping you informed
We have partnered together on multiple COVID-19 initiatives including the Standard Stockpiling Rules package, Formulary updates, MDQ rule modifications, and testing and billing by pharmacists. For the latest updates and additional resources on how Express Scripts is managing COVID-19, visit our information center.
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Feedback from 2020 Client Survey
From my interactions with the team, they are responsive, detail oriented, action oriented and conduct themselves with integrity.

Experience you can count on

KC Murphy
KC Murphy, Senior Director of Account Management
Football has been part of my family life since these two guys were tiny tots. The sport taught our family about commitment, hard work, partnership and celebrations. It is in the same spirit that I have seen our teams work, grow and win together over these past four years. It has been an honor to lead the Express Scripts team that supports Excellus and a pleasure to work with an exceptional client that challenges us to be better and celebrates the wins together.
Rachel Tiemeier
Rachel Tiemeier, Account Management Principal
I am beyond excited to be joining the Excellus team! I look forward to building a partnership, and bringing innovative ideas to help your communities live healthier lives.
Karen Schneider
Karen Schneider, Director of Operations
Whether it’s working to meet the needs of Excellus or hiking in Acadia National Park, I enjoy both and am always up to the challenge!
Rachel Macaluso
Rachel Macaluso, Account Management Senior Advisor
I enjoy working with Excellus because they are kind, knowledgeable, and willing to work together to achieve the same goals as Express Scripts.
Lisa Isriprashad
Lisa Isriprashad, Account Management Senior Advisor
Excellus is a wonderful client that empowers collaboration, teamwork and success. Over the past several years we have integrated both organizations to achieve their business goals while delivering member and provider satisfaction. We continue to work together to progress and achieve synergy.
Greg Hoffman
Greg Hoffmann, Senior Account Manager
I appreciate the true sense of partnership that I experience with all contacts at Excellus. I really have the feeling that we are in this together and working as a team towards a common goal.
Lisa Moinzadeh
Lisa Moinzadeh, Account Management Senior Advisor
My greatest appreciation in working with Excellus is their passion for its members. They challenge and push us to think outside the box on how we can improve our processes for not only their members but how changes could benefit all our Med D book of business.
Brian Old
Brian Old, Market Development Director
Excellus is a health plan willing to innovate and be creative, they strive to be market leaders and are vigilant about their employer group’s needs. Every day Excellus challenges me to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to help them succeed.
Sheryl Wagner
Sheryl Wagner, Pharmacy Clinical Consulting Senior Advisor
As a newer member of the team, my goal is to establish a solid partnership with Excellus that is built on trust. Excellus offers a partnership that allows us to take new risks so we can grow together (while having safety measures in place, of course) and that allows us to reach new heights and accomplish bold things!
Shari Riggins
Shari Riggins, Pharmacy Clinical Consulting Principal
The reason I love working with Excellus is its commitment to partner and rise above the challenges of whatever is on the horizon together, all while maintaining its mantra and attitude of “ in a world where you can be anything, be kind."
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