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Takeaways and finalist follow-up

View our key takeaways along with follow-up content from the finalist meeting on October 28, 2021.
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Finalist Meeting Follow-Ups
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Additional Content: Regulated Markets
Additional Content: Network Audit

Your established strategic partner

We have partnered together to make health care better for your clients and members.
4.6% 4.6%
overall trend for 2020, beating peer benchmark of 8.1%
$14M+ $14M+
total DIR value, 2019 – Q2 2021
83% 83%
growth in regulated markets lives

Empowering you to make healthcare affordable, predictable, and simple

Our commitment to help HAP make innovative leaps in the industry that strengthen provider relationships in order to improve costs, outcomes and experiences for them and your members will not waver.
in Medicare, MMP, and Medicaid pharmacy savings from RationalMed
in total healthcare savings from ScreenRx for Medicare and MMP
in commercial Safeguard value
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Increase in star ratings
HMO Plans: 3.5 → 4.5
PPO Plans: 3.5 → 4.0

Flexible industry leading solutions

Learn more about flexible industry leading solutions designed to help you solve challenges in the most needed areas of health care.
Digital Health Formulary
CAN Exclusive Network
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Health Connect 360

Ensuring you’re prepared for the future

Expectations from members have never been higher. Providers are demanding a more consistent experience. Technology and market forces continue to rapidly evolve. Looking ahead, we're invested in making sure that, together, we're prepared to work toward affordable, predictable and simple care for your clients and their members.
Over $83 million in HAP value over the new term
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$200,000 in annual market development fund
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New and enhanced program offerings - at no additional charge - to better support HAP’s Compliance, FWA and Audit programs
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2020 Client Satisfaction Survey
Express Scripts strives to be competitive in the market and promotes success of the plan in the market. The account team is the best I have ever worked with. They are truly committed to meeting my needs and work hard to get the right resources to the table.

Express Scripts account team

Justin Woodward
Justin Woodward - Senior Director of Account Management
Thank you for the first couple of years. We have accomplished so much as a collective team through the implementation to today. I am excited to extend my service of HAP in the years to come. I thoroughly enjoy working with each of you and enjoy the trust and candor of our regular conversations.
John Lenihan
John Lenihan - Senior Account Executive
We have forged strong and productive partnerships over the last 2+ years built on shared trust and a deep passion for improving the lives of your members. We have achieved so much through the hard work of our teams. It is my great hope that we have the opportunity to continue delivering for you, and with you.
Kristen Francica
Kristen Francica - Senior Account Manager
Over the last two years, we have built and solidified a strong partnership together. Our focus together every day is to ensure that EVERY member has the best quality of care. It has been a great journey and I hope to have the opportunity to continue to serve you and your members.
John Abraham
John Abraham - Senior Clinical Account Executive
It has been a great relationship that we have been able to forge throughout the years. For over 2 years we have overcome many challenges together and have grown to meet the challenges in the healthcare industry. I hope we are able to continue creating meaningful change not only for HAP members but also the greater Michigan community.
Michael Formica
Michael Formica - Clinical Account Executive
In my time so far with HAP, it is been a rewarding experience working with you all. The dedication and commitment of the HAP team is something we here at Express Scripts strive to match and we look forward to continuing to partner to bring about the best outcomes for you and your members.
Christel Joslyn
Christel Joslyn - Senior Account Manager
It has been a pleasure working with the HAP Team over the past 3 years. I truly thank you for your partnership on the projects we have worked on in these past few years. I hope we are able to continue our partnership in the years to come.
Lori Hedrick
Lori Hedrick - Account Manager
"The fundamental glue that holds any relationship together is trust.” - Brian Tracy; I feel honored to have built a solid relationship with HAP since 2019. I’m looking forward to a successful working relationship in the future!
Marybel Zabel
Marybel Zabel
I am super excited to be a part of the HAP team. I look forward to continuing our hard work and collaboration to ensure we always put your members first!!

Express Scripts support team

In addition to your dedicated account team, the following individuals support HAP and are happy to serve you on a daily basis.
RaeLynn Williams
RaeLynn Williams - Product Strategy Senior Advisor
In the short months since joining the HAP account team, I have been most impressed by your focus on delivering excellent member care/experience while continually improving your Star performance. I really appreciate the “teamwork” approach and passion that HAP brings to our partnership.
Adam Bredesen
Adam Bredesen - Market Development Director
I am looking forward to growing our engagement and supporting your commercial sales growth and retention efforts. There is a lot we can accomplish together between HAP, ASR, and Express Scripts' market development team!
Joshua Linck
Joshua Linck - Medicaid Market Strategist
It has been a pleasure working with you from pre-implementation through today. We have collaborated on projects, compliance, and quality over the last 3 years and continue to help you provide gold star service to your members. I look forward to continue supporting your Medicaid strategy and continuing to grow together as a team.
If you would like more information about anything on this site or have any questions, please click the button below to reach out to your account team.
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