Creating a better future with BCBSMA

Your established strategic partner

We have partnered together to make health care better for your clients and members.
$50M+ $50M+
total cost of care savings from clinical and UM programs
8.2% 8.2%
growth in Medicare lives
$5.5M $5.5M
in performance guarantees
$1.6B $1.6B
improvement life of deal over the existing contract
$45M $45M
early pricing from 2021-2022
$200K $200K
additional financial reporting performance guarantee

Committed to your continued growth

Market development in action
For 2020, BCBSMA has generated $50 million in additional revenue from pharmacy through market based pricing. Click the link below to access your personalized growth report to learn more about the outstanding work our teams have accomplished together.
BCBSMA Net New Life Figure.png
Investing in your growth
Express Scripts Market Development is committed to funding $3 for every net new life BCBSMA adds to its book to invest in new clients and members and keep healthcare affordable, predicable, and accessible.
$2M annual underwriting allowance
annual underwriting allowance
Express Scripts is committed to winning keystone prospects with BCBSMA by funding $2M in an annual underwriting allowance for the next three years.
Market Development PMF
An additional $3M dollar PMF market development fund has been set up to help fuel your growth.
Market Development GSD Headquarters
Use your business email and password MKD2021 to log into the hub, your one stop shop, for our latest featured content, Elevate 2020 materials, as well as tools and resources you can leverage to help fuel your growth.

Empowering you to make healthcare affordable, predictable, and simple

We are committed to continuing to help strengthen your provider relationships to through innovative ways to improve costs, outcomes and experiences for them and your members.
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7:1 ROI with nearly $23M in total savings from Health Connect 360 for your Medicare population
Black and purple icon of a ribbon, representing an award.
Call center received World Class Certification and highest customer service award from SQM
$5.4M combined annual value in commercial and Medicare PMF
87 BCBSMA employees have engaged in the online pharmacy training series
$10M in DIR value via Medicare value network in 2020
Black and blue icon of a pharmacist in a lab coat.
$2.1M in savings from Academic Detailing

Express Scripts capabilities demonstration

Strategic Alignment
Reporting, Analytics and Strategic Account Support
Clinical Management
Eligibility, Benefits, and Claims
Product and Sales
Technical Capabilities
Pharmacy Networks, including Specialty Network
Strategic Account Support: Medicare

Flexible industry leading solutions

Learn more about flexible industry leading solutions designed to help you solve challenges in the most needed areas of health care.
Digital Health Formulary
Evernorth Embarc Benefit Protection℠
Weight Management Care Value

Ensuring you're prepared for the future

Expectations from members have never been higher. Providers are demanding a more consistent experience. Technology and market forces continue to rapidly evolve. We're invested in and committed to making sure that, together, we're prepared to work toward affordable, predictable, and simple care for your clients and their members.
investment in value-based research collaboration
Home delivery white labeling
BCBSMA can white label the home delivery pharmacy to reinforce your brand and deliver a consistent member experience. This includes labeling of pharmacy forms, labels, and literature; invoices and communications; digital platforms; and customer service.
Enhanced member experience
With insights from our Center for Better User Experience in Austin, we continuously examine the member experience to make healthcare easier and more inclusive. We look forward to partnering with BCBSMA on enhancements such as the ability to send prescriptions digitally, virtual consultations with our staff, expanded chat and text capabilities, and more.

COVID-19 updates and resources

COVID-19: Keeping you informed
Express Scripts works hard, every day, to be your trusted partner and champion for better health care. As we face the pandemic together, our mission has never been more important. Use this resource to stay informed on how Express Scripts is addressing COVID-19.
Dr. Wig
Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig
Watch the latest episodes of Clinically Speaking with Dr. Wig, our Chief Medical Officer, for up-to-date information, including vaccines and other selected COVID-19 topics.

Experience you can count on

Your experienced and diverse BCBSMA account team is here for you. We process over 900 benefit changes per year, support new sales efforts, provide custom reporting, manage custom specialty requirements, and perform strategic consultations by utilizing our Gap Analysis for both your Commercial and Medicare populations.

Our commitment to you is to continuously look for opportunities to partner with you to make healthcare more affordable, predictable, and simple for you, your customers, and your members.
Ashley Holzworth-Nash_BCBSMA
Ashley Holzworth-Nash – Senior Director of Account Management
Working with BCBSMA has been nothing short of exciting, challenging, and fulfilling over the past two years. I am energized to work with your organization that is extremely talented and focused on your members. We have accomplished so much in the few years I have been here, even more in the full time we have been partners, and I am excited to continue working together to make health care better for your members and clients.
Ashley Siegel_BCBSMA_0.jpg
Ashley Siegel – Operations Director
I have had the opportunity to work with BCBSMA for the last seven years and am beyond proud of the teamwork, collaboration and the difference we’ve made together. We synergize on our passion for member satisfaction and work together to strive for the best experience.
ShaunTay Canady, PharmD, MBA – Clinical Director
ShaunTay Canady – Clinical Director
BCBSMA is a wonderful partner with a passion for building a healthier community. We have spent many years collaborating on the delivery of comprehensive, quality service for our members, and toward a shared goal of providing accessible and affordable health care.
Jay Perez – Senior Account Executive
Jay Perez – Senior Account Executive
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts is a great partner that fosters collaboration and teamwork in order to achieve their business goals in support of the healthcare of your members.
Micah Pepin – Senior Account Executive
Micah Pepin – Senior Account Executive
BCBSMA has been an extremely collaborative partner that strives to take a “head on” approach to the complex and ever-changing pharmacy landscape. The BCBSMA team has a unique ability to effectively manage business goals and objectives while delivering high levels of satisfaction to their key constituents. I really appreciate the “teamwork” approach and passion that BCBSMA brings to our partnership.
Jose Diaz_BCBSMA
Jose Diaz – Senior Clinical Account Executive
Working with BCBSMA does not feel like a typical client/PBM relationship– we are able to work together as partners on the same team to figure out what’s best for you, your clients, and members. BCSMA is extremely focused on improving your overall member experience and group experience, and Express Scripts is able to assist with innovative solutions that add value to your mission.
Cedric Ngameni – Senior Clinical Account Executive
Cedric Ngameni – Senior Clinical Account Executive
In the short 9 months since joining the BCBSMA account team, I have been most impressed by your focus on delivering excellent member care/experience while remaining the providers’ partner of choice in your service area. Keeping that perspective enables me to align Express Scripts' world class clinical consultative support to help achieve those bigger infinite goals.
Ana Ramirez – Clinical Account Executive
Ana Ramirez – Clinical Account Executive
I am happy to be joining the BCBSMA account team and I look forward to partnering together to achieve better health outcomes, lower net cost and high levels of satisfaction for you and your members
Adam Bredesen – Market Development Director
Adam Bredesen – Market Development Director
BCBSMA challenges the Market Development team to continuously improve our content and support models. We appreciate having a partner that holds us to a high standard because that is what you deserve in your partner. I am looking forward to continuing the great work we have done together with the end goal being to support winning new and retaining current ASC pharmacy lives.
Jason Devore – Senior Account Manager
Jason Devore – Senior Account Manager
BCBSMA is a great client to partner with to ensure the best member satisfaction. The collaboration between both organizations result in focused efforts on providing the best service and benefits for your members.
Terri Divis – Senior Account Manager
Terri Divis – Senior Account Manager
I’ve been working with BCBSMA for almost 10 years now and really enjoy our partnership and the collaboration between our teams! It’s a combined effort to always put the members first and challenge ourselves to always do better!
Eric Holden – Senior Account Manager
Eric Holden – Senior Account Manager
2021 marks the beginning of my eighth year on the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts account team. Throughout these past eight years I have had the privilege to work collaboratively with multiple points of contact at BCBSMA to deliver on member and account expectations. I look forward to continuing to partner with BCBSMA in delivering the highest of service to your accounts and members.
Jillian Coppolino – Project Manager
Jillian Coppolino – Project Manager
For the past 6.5 years I have proudly served as BCBSMA’s dedicated Project Manager. I am excited to share BCBSMA’s constant pursuit of opportunities to ensure the Express Scripts experience is the best it can be for BCBSMA’s accounts and members. Through the constant flow of projects year over year, together we have fostered a culture of thinking outside the box to identify the best solutions and created a mature project discipline to deliver them successfully. From complex implementations to custom IT development, we have achieved so much and I look forward to seeing what we'll do together in the future!
Shelly Laitala – Analyst
Shelly Laitala – Analyst
BCBSMA is a wonderful client to work with when it comes to data and reporting. You challenge us on a daily basis to come up with better processes, think outside the box and collaborate with one another to achieve the best analytic reporting we can as a team. The custom reporting created because of our partnership has grown our relationship and helped both organizations achieve their goals.
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