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Thank you for the opportunity to continue our 20 year strategic relationship! We are committed and investing in innovation and flexibility to support you in achieving all of your strategic initiatives, and together lead health care through the unknown challenges and many opportunities of the years ahead. Together we will make health better for your members, providers and customers, making it affordable, predictable and simple.
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Your established strategic partner for over 20 years

We have partnered together to make health care better for Premera's clients and members.
$10+ $10+
Lower PMPM compared to your peer benchmark
250+ 250+
Customized solutions within 35 key areas

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Committed to Premera's continued growth

From partnering to secure key renewals and collaborating and consulting on mid-market accounts that combat coalition efforts, to training on effective go-to-market approaches, supporting Premera’s ability to retain and grow your business is a top priority for the future of our partnership.
7% membership growth in 2019
Market Development in action
Click the link below to access your personalized growth report to learn about more of the outstanding work our teams have accomplished together.
99% carve-in rate
United in the battle against carve-out
Our market development partnership has helped secure key renewals such as Microsoft, Weyerhauser, PACCAR, AAG. We are always looking for additional ways to help you tell your story. Our new Value of Integration research paper is the first of many on the way to help ensure you have the best ammunition to tell your carve-in story and keep your edge.
Dedicated pricer/rebate analyst
Additional dedicated resources
Supporting over 15 RFPs and 60 savings models including repricings, clinical, product and networks to help you drive additional value and growth in 2019.
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Ken Chandler, Vice President, National Accounts
HPAC best practice sharing session, June 2017
Through our partnership with Express Scripts, we have become a true pharmacy expert and this enabled us to arm our client with questions and information which made them look so good they became the ‘pharmacy expert’ within the HTA.
Thank you!
On behalf of everyone at Express Scripts, thank you for the opportunity to continue our relationship. We've accomplished so much together over the last 20 years, and we can't wait to see we do next in the coming years.
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Thank you!

Medicare: building on a Quality relationship

We understand that Premera’s focus on quality is a key consideration for your Medicare plans. Choosing a partner with alignment to that is critical. You need a partner who sees the opportunity to continue to drive quality forward to the point that it delivers real value.
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Driving continuous improvement in Star Ratings
Express Scripts is committed to helping Premera continue to receive valuable quality bonus payment dollars for CMS contract H7245 as we partner to maintain and improve your current 4-Star Rating, and we believe we are the partner of choice to help you push CMS contract H9302 to a quality bonus payment earning 4-Star level as well. A feat that we estimate is worth nearly $6M for you in 2021. To see how our book of business compares to the industry and our competitors, check out the link below.
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Specialized Medicare support helping to fuel growth
As an Express Scripts’ Medicare client, you will receive the support of a Medicare Strategist; who’s service aligns to four pillars: affordability, compliance, quality, and growth. We support client growth through a variety of strategies. The first step is a market analysis and growth plan. We have attached a preliminary version of this report for Premera, noting that it will expand, pivot, and drill down to align with your Medicare goals.

Flexible industry leading solutions

Learn more about flexible industry leading solutions designed to help you solve challenges in the most needed areas of health care.

Empowering you to make health care affordable, predictable, and simple

We are committed to continuing to help strengthen your relationships with your providers to improve costs and outcomes, as well as, experiences for them and your members. We will continue to partner together to improve the health care experience for everyone so Premera can make innovative leaps in the industry.
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Significantly slowing specialty spend
For the last two years since implementing Exclusive Specialty, Premera has achieved a lower percentage of specialty plan net cost compared to your peers; 11.6% vs. 14.2% in 2019 and 8.1% vs. 12.5% in 2018.
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Over $43M in clinical savings
Our collaboration produced $1.2M in value from SafeGuardRx and $42M in health care savings from RationalMed.
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$4.5M Pharmacy Management Fund
Helping to subsidize the residency program, provide resources to build clinical management and to improve IT solutions.
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$5M towards system optimization
To cover your costs of modernizing and optimizing your benefit set-up and deploying our full real-time connectivity capabilities while being far less disruptive, less costly, and less disruptive to Premera's time and resources compared to transitioning to another vendor.

Whatever the challenges, we'll get through them together.

Premera together
Glen Stettin headshot
Glen Stettin, M.D.
Senior Vice President & Chief Innovation Officer
For the past 17 years, I have had the privilege of working with, and supporting Premera. We have demonstrated our ability to take on health care’s toughest challenges, jointly, and I believe we learn and grow best, together. We push each other to improve health care outcomes, affordability and experiences for patients. It’s no surprise to me that Premera has been a regular partner at The Lab, a place created for focusing on big health care challenges and collaborating on new solutions.

I stand with your account team and all of Express Scripts in our partnership and commitment to Premera and look forward to continuing to support you in the service of your clients and members and your growth objectives.

Ensuring you’re prepared for the future

Expectations from members have never been higher. Providers are demanding a more consistent experience. Technology and market forces continue to rapidly evolve. Looking ahead, we're invested in making sure that, together, we're prepared to work toward affordable, predictable and simple care for your clients and their members.
Innovation Roadmap
Looking ahead, there is tremendous opportunity to affect change in our industry while tackling some of the greatest health care opportunities. We are laser-focused on creating innovative solutions that tackle these difficult challenges. Take a look at the Innovation Roadmap for more insights into what’s coming next.
Pink and black icon of a hand holding a heart.
The increasing importance of fertility coverage
Fifty-seven percent of workers are willing to change jobs to an employer who offers fertility coverage according to the 2018 Infertility Trends National Survey by the Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey.
Mental health impacts whole body health
Members with anxiety, depression and insomnia are two times more likely to have a coexisting chronic physical condition according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Read more about our latest solution, inMynd, which supports your members with treatment for anxiety, depression and insomnia on their own terms.
Black and blue icon of a rocket ship taking off.
Commitment to staying on the cutting edge
We are always exploring new technology and ideas to continue bringing you the best in health care. In a rapidly changing industry, this is crucial. It ensures that you have access to the latest advancements so you can lead the market with your innovative health care strategies.
COVID-19: keeping you informed
Check our latest COVID-19 book of business insights and visit our COVID-19 Information Center for resources, information, and helpful links to keep you up-to-date and informed of this rapidly evolving situation.
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Why we love working with Premera

Patrick Garvey photo
Patrick Garvey, Senior Director Health Plan Division
Over the years, I have been so appreciative of the strong personal relationships and shared commitments up and down our organizations. There has never been a time we have been unavailable to jump into action together, whether it is nights, weekends, from MLB parks, anywhere and anytime. We are truly partners on the same team, we understand each other, we care about each other, and we are aligned and determined to improve health care.
Mark Hartmann
Mark Hartmann, Account Executive Health Plan Division
Participating in Premera’s annual customer experience summits, I am truly inspired by the multitude of organizations dedicated to working with Premera towards the common goal and benefit of improving members' lives. When it becomes safe to do so once again, I am looking forward to coming back to the Premera campus and the ability to connect and collaborate regularly together in person. Stay safe and see you soon!
Janice Grochal
Janice Grochal, Market Development Director Health Plan Division
Since we introduced Market Development to Premera back in 2005, you have embraced the consultative sales support wholeheartedly. Together, we have worked with you on your marquee and mid-size groups with much success, and my continued focus is to help you WIN! The thing I admire most about Premera is your never-ending effort to deliver for each and every client and prospect. I am inspired by your passion to be better, ensuring you can deliver better health care for Premera groups and members. Thank you for being an inspiring partner who drives me to want to deliver more.
Richard Ma
Richard Ma, PharmD, Senior Clinical Account Executive Health Plan Division
I am excited about continuing our relationship both personally and professionally. “Doing the right things” and “Doing things right” are guiding principles for all I do and in how I support Premera. With grit and tenacity, we can achieve great things together, and I look forward to continuing to champion your needs. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this account team, and I truly consider myself an extension of the Premera Pharmacy Team.
Jeff Morrison photo
Jeff Morrison, Director Account Management Health Plan Division
It never ceases to amaze me how well our teams operate as one cohesive unit, marching toward a unified goal, every single day. No matter how aggressive the deadline, how complex the opportunity, or how intense the level of criticality – we always band together to deliver exceptional results. It has been my utmost pleasure to partner with so many intelligent, creative, determined, and passionate colleagues over the past several years. We will always face challenges that test us. Together, we will continue to rise to the occasion, overcome those challenges, and celebrate amazing successes. I look forward to continuing on that journey with you all for a long time to come.
Stacy Helgeson
Stacy Helgeson, Director Specialty Services Health Plan Division
Premera’s collaboration and alignment with their partners is truly unique in the marketplace. Ever since our specialty collaboration began in 2004, I have been inspired by your drive and creative solutioning to meet your clients' evolving expectations. I learn something new every time I interact with the Premera Team. Every time! Thank you for being inclusive every step of the way and I look forward to growing with Premera and continuing our shared goal of taking care of your members.
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