Roger Holland
Roger Holland
Vice President, Sales
If 2020 taught us anything, it's to expect the unexpected. We empathize with the unprecedented challenges you have, and likely continue to face. But as always, with new challenges come new opportunities. And for Georgia DCH, the exponential growth of trust inpublic sector entities, specifically within government institutions, creates important opportunities.
Gia Elsevier
Gia Elsevier
Pharmacy Account Executive
Everyone at Express Scripts is so excited about the opportunity to partner with the Georgia DCH team again. I have fond memories of the collaborative relationship we shared and if we’re lucky enough to welcome you back, please be assured the entire team is committed to driving value for Georgia DCH and helping you achieve your goals.

Insights in your workforce

If you're like many of the government entities we work with, the positive momentum you're experiencing through heightened trust among the public, has helped to affirm your confidence in the employees who support the great state and the great people of Georgia. How can you ensure these employees are happy, supported, and enabled to do their best work?
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Shifting demographics

While the demographic of government agencies have skewed to more seasoned employees in the past, we're seeing a shift in that more than 30% of the public sector workforce is now made up of the younger generation.

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Solutions as a means of accommodation

With the shift to a younger workforce, the need for digital tools and modern data solutions, which this demographic are well-versed in and rely on to do their best work, are increasing. How is your organization equipped to meet these needs?

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Making data work harder

Access to data doesn't equal actionable, quality analytics. As it relates to health care, organizations with high quality data solutions generate 35% more efficiency than those with low quality data management solutions. Is your organization appropriately equipped?

Thank you
I look forward to connecting and identifying ways we can optimize benefits and enable your workforce, and affordability for your plan.
If you have any questions or would like further information, I’m here to help!
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