Health New England: Let's define the future of health care – together

From where you sit in the organization, you probably realize health care is more complicated than it needs to be. What if you could be part of the solution to transform health care as we know it – to make it more affordable, predictable and simple? We believe health is what makes progress possible. Let’s embrace our relentless passion and define the future of health care – together.
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We're just getting started
We’ve thoroughly enjoyed the time spent getting to know your team and exploring how we can support your business. You need – and deserve – a strategic partner who is just as invested in the success and strategic growth of Health New England as you are – not just a vendor who services your pharmacy claims. We look forward to digging in further with you, to take on your toughest health care challenges together.
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Fred Bendana
Fred Bendana
Vice President, Health Plan & Government Sales
Considering your focus on delivering extraordinary care for your members and on simplifying a clearly confusing health care system, I'm eager to engage and work with Health New England to amplify your efforts to keep your members at the center of everything you do. Our mission is very similar and I'm all in to collaborate and help co-design solutions that further your team's commitments and strengthen your central role in the communities you serve.
Rachel Reese
Rachel Reese
Vice President, Health Plan Sales
I am looking forward to getting to know the Health New England team and digging in to find opportunities for us to grow together and work toward improved health care for all. With the recent formation of our health services portfolio, Evernorth, we are better positioned than ever to support you and your clients to create a better experience for your team, members, and providers.
Medicare market analysis
We operate on a belief that insights can lead to better action, and our Medicare strategists will equip you with market analyses for growth planning and insight-driven conversations focused on enrollment trends, Star Ratings trends, competitive market benefits and other aspects. These analyses can be done at the state level, service area level or county level to meet your needs. This market analysis is a baseline version. With more data and information about your plan, these become more detailed.
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Medicare market analysis

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy fosters a culture of belonging and equity that advances our mission to positively impact the well-being of our people and the communities we serve.
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79% of employees agree that there is great DEI at our organization, outperforming other companies by more than 13%
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Committed to doubling diverse supplier spend to $1B by 2025
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Launched COVID-19 disparities project to slow the spread in three target markets with large Black and Hispanic populations

Powering your growth

Our market development team is committed to helping you arm your sales team with the pharmacy knowledge needed to fight the battle against carve out and convey the value of an integrated offering. Explore our latest reports.
Value of Integration
The Value of Integration
Employers are weighing their options for medical and pharmacy benefits as they try to reduce costs and improve care for their members. Some are carving out pharmacy benefits from medical benefits, assuming that it will provide more savings and flexibility. However, evidence clearly shows that an integrated medical and pharmacy benefit substantially reduces total cost of care and improves member health in comparison to a carve-out approach.
Building a Winning Pharmacy Go-To-Market Team
Building a Winning Pharmacy Go-To-Market Team
Whether you serve two million people or 20,000, staffing the pharmacy go-to-market team with true expertise to ensure pharmacy is part of the broader market message and unique value proposition is critical. You have a great story to tell, with evidence clearly showing an integrated medical and pharmacy benefit substantially reduces total cost of care and improves member health in comparison to a carve-out approach. It’s time to fully realize the potential of that story by dedicating focus to developing or refining your organization.

Exposing opportunities to better support hospital and health systems' needs

Managing a hospital system as part of your plan, we understand the added degrees of difficulty you're facing to meet your unique affordability, revenue and patient-centric goals. Driven by data insights and leveraging industry knowledge, our team is equipped to help align decision makers and influencers to support your plan, your employees and the patients and communities you serve.
13% 13%
Health care costs are 13% higher for hospital workers and their dependents than they are for non-hospital workers1
8.6% 8.6%
health risk for hospital workers and their dependents is 8.6% higher than for non-hospital workers1
67% 67%
or 2/3, of hospitals are part of a health system1

See how we treat specialty differently

For patients with complex or rare conditions treated by a specialty medication, missing even a single dose of medication is simply not an option – a concern that has become even more prevalent in the wake of COVID-19.
20+ 20+
condition-specific centers of excellence, with 15 focused on specialty conditions
600+ 600+
home infusion nurses across all 50 states in the U.S.
27% 27%
increase in medication adherence achieved through Accredo's holistic rare disease patient care

Accredo 340B Specialty Contract Pharmacy

Our 340B solution is more than a contract pharmacy, it’s a partnership with you. We dig deep to understand your goals and strategic vision and align our services to meet your needs.
Our 340B contract pharmacy provides nationwide pharmacy engagement representatives
In 2018, one university hospital grew by almost $1M, a 32% increase to their total 340B program value2 with Accredo
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Hospital systems average about $115% of savings 3quoted with the 340B contract pharmacy in their first year
Member Mobile Demo
Get a sneak peek of the members' experience with our mobile application. Please use Chrome of Firefox for the best experience.
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Open Enrollment Web Demo
Learn more about managing your pharmacy benefits through our open enrollment demo. Please use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.
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Digital Tools and Resources
Get real-time access to operational systems needed to administer your benefit – as well as web-based reporting and analytics, news, resources, industry information, user guides, trainings and more.

Helpful resources to manage your plan

Explore the latest content and tools focused on helping you navigate changes in the dynamic health care industry.
Bloomberg infographic
Health care needs a makeover
From reducing cost and complexity to increasing quality, connected care offers tremendous potential for the U.S. health care system. We partnered with Bloomberg to illustrate the possibilities connecting health care creates.
COVID Vaccine Series
COVID-19 vaccine video series
Join John Wigneswaran, MD, Vice President and General Manager as we make sense of clinical issues affecting businesses, starting with rapidly evolving news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.
ASOM report
The high cost of a mental health crisis
Amidst COVID-19, all of us are being tested in ways we never have been. One in five U.S. adults lives with a mental health condition each year. It’s a prominent issue that everyone’s thinking about – but no one is talking about.
Bloomberg video
A solution for life-threatening medical errors
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., but connecting health care to give physicians a 180-degree view of the patient can prevent many of these mistakes.

Aligned with Health New England, we'll deliver world-class health services with a singular focus: to make health care more affordable, predictable and simple

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We build on our leading, differentiated position to lower the total cost of care
We take surprise out of the system and help people make informed health care choices
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We make it easier for the people we serve to get the care they need
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I look forward to continuing the conversation about how we can help your plan achieve your desired clinical and financial goals. Please reach out to me if you have questions.
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