Partnering to solve health system's most pressing challenges

Serving approximately 150 health systems covering about one million lives, we understand the specific needs and challenges you face to support your members. We understand that each hospital system is unique, so we take the time to learn about your pharmacy philosophy, goals, and culture to help us make the best recommendations to support and empower your plan. We believe health is what makes progress possible. Let's embrace our relentless passion and define the future of health care – together.
Health systems

A team designed around the unique needs of health systems and aligned to their goals

At Express Scripts, our account management teams are not only focused on pharmacy but how it intertwines with all parts of your health system. We recognize that health systems are both unique and complex; this is why your account management team will be your in-house experts to keep you apprised of industry developments and work to make strategic recommendations.
Frank Gentilella
Frank Gentilella
Vice President and General Manager, Special Markets
Tricia DiGerolamo
Tricia DiGerolamo
Vice President & General Manager, Health Systems & Key Accounts
Eric Depke
Eric Depke
Senior Director, Health Systems
Michelle Connelly
Michelle Connelly
Vice President, Sales

Nuanced challenges in a fluid market

While it's been an unprecedented time for all of us, we specifically empathize with the distinct challenges that health and hospital systems have been faced with over the past two years. In addition to responding and reacting to a fluid market, you're also tasked with "keeping the lights on", empowering your organization and ensuring your members' well-being.
Rapid adoption of digital health
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Cycles of revenue uncertainty
Employee mental health and resiliency
$250B $250B
of health care spending could be replaced by telehealth
$50B $50B
lost per monthly on average as a result of cancelled hospital services in the U.S.
$500K $500K
Between $500K to $1M is the cost to replace physicians with severe burnout who leave the profession
SDoH article
Social Determinants of Health Impact Individuals, Communities and Plan Sponsors
A geographic social vulnerability index can identify at-risk individuals and actionable insights to inform plans to reduce health disparities, improve health outcomes, and lower health care costs where the need is highest.
clinically speaking
Clinically Speaking: Health Inequities and Social Determinants of Health
All too often, a person’s gender, race, education, income or zip code dictates how healthy they are. In our latest episode, we explore health inequity and disparity in the U.S. and the pathways to meaningful solutions.
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Health system client
Express Scripts is a tremendous partner and a strong ally in medication management solutions. They are focused on quality of care, and we are excited about using them as a resource to engage our provider and physician groups with incentives and to better engage patients in their own care and help us achieve the vision of whole person care and value focused on outcomes for our members. Express Scripts has been a part of our growth and success as challenges arise we challenge Express Scripts and they always rise to the occasion.
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Health system client
Express Scripts has been cutting edge with programs, services and negotiations with drug manufacturers to support their clients in offering comprehensive and affordable pharmacy benefits.
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Health system client
Express Scripts is one of the leading pharmacy benefits managers and administrators. Not only do they provide pharmacy benefits management, but they stay ahead of the science behind the power of medicine and also diffuse waste and fraud in the health care space.

Taking on your toughest challenges

In 2020, we saved clients $45 billion through our clinical solutions. Our programs are designed to bring plan sponsors the promise of simplicity, predictability and above all, affordability. See information below on several of the solutions that may be of interest for your plan.
SaveOnSP utilizes plan design changes that enable maximum savings and reducing plan and member costs.
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See how our multi-program, value-based platform unlocks new financial value and better health outcomes.
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MediCUBE provides a 360-degree view of the relationships between prescribers, pharmacies, patients, and medications.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

Our diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) strategy fosters a culture of belonging and equity that advances our mission to positively impact the well-being of our people and the communities we serve.
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79% of employees agree that there is great DEI at our organization, outperforming other companies by more than 13%
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Committed to doubling diverse supplier spend to $1B by 2025
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Launched COVID-19 disparities project to slow the spread in three target markets with large Black and Hispanic populations
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I look forward to continuing the conversation around how we can save money for your plan, support your team and care for your members. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.
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