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Health plans partner with us because we have the scale, passion and commitment to help them grow in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive environment. Our experts provide innovative, strategic solutions that align with your plan's unique priorities. While more information can be explored on the main HTA microsite, we wanted to provide HTA health plans with a deeper understanding of our health plan expertise and share materials prepared specifically for your plan.
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Amy Bricker
Amy Bricker
President, Express Scripts
Health care is more complicated, more fragmented and more costly than it needs to be. We're changing all of that. Being part of the solution to transform health care as we know it – to make it more affordable, predictable and simple – is a vision we can all get behind. Working together, we can take on your toughest challenges, expose opportunities to reduce costs and increase profitability, and help you prepare for what’s next.

Medicare market analysis: Key insights and findings

We operate on a belief that insights can lead to better action, and our Medicare strategists will equip you with market analyses for growth planning and insight-driven conversations focused on enrollment trends, Star Ratings trends, competitive market benefits and other aspects of plans in San Diego County, or any county you may consider for expansion. This market analysis is a baseline version. With more data and information about your plan, these become more detailed and deep – adding in supplemental benefits analysis, Star Ratings opportunities and more.
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>133K eligible lives are not enrolled in a MAPD/PDP plan
MAPD enrollment in San Diego county outpaced growth in new Medicare eligibles overall. And, the not enrolled population shrunk year-over-year which is rare nationally. Capturing newly eligible members who are shopping is key.
3 key issues revealed in social determinants of health analysis
A heatmap of the various census tracks within your county reveals preventative care, flu shot penetration rates and housing as key areas of concern for your population.
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50%+ of the MAPD plans in San Diego county offer preferred pharmacy networks
This includes three of the five largest parent organizations in the county. A preferred pharmacy network, a performance-based network, or both, could generate value that can be re-invested into your program offering.
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50%+ of the MAPD plans in San Diego county offer a $0 premium
Those plans had a growth rate more than two times greater than plans with a premium, in aggregate, last year.
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Formulary: 2021 drug coverage and tier makeup
HTA health plan’s percentage of covered drugs is slightly lagging the top market competitors and is more generics-based.
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High number of prior authorizations
HTA health plans have a high number of prior authorizations compared to top competitors, but a low number of step therapies.
A trusted partner in regulated markets

We can help power your success
6M 6M
We support more than 6 million Medicare Part D beneficiaries
100% 100%
Healthcare reform compliance rate
42% 42%
of Medicare clients experienced negative trend in 2019
88% 88%
of MAPD members are in 4-5 STAR Part D plans
>50% >50%
of Medicare plans we partner with beat industry growth trend
100% 100%
of regulated markets performance guarantees met in 2020
Solutions to help you

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Evernorth Digital Health Formulary
Making digital health solutions click for clients and members
Health Connect 360
The fix for fragmented care with outcomes aligned to your goals and Stars metrics.
Medical Drug Management
The end to frustrating, fragmented medical drug management is here.
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