Making Specialty Simple for Physicians during COVID-19 was a boon prior to the global pandemic, but its tools are even more crucial now.

Administrative work consumes one-sixth of U.S. physician’s working hours. This represents a lot of time that physicians aren’t focusing on the care of their patients, which is especially critical during a time of crisis. However, the information gathered during the administrative process is essential to ensuring patient safety, and the affordability of medications. That’s why we do everything that we can to reduce the time required to submit this information, and make the process simple and quick.

One of the ways that we’ve done this is by creating a prescriber portal at where physicians and office staff can get the information they need for their patients’ specialty medication prescriptions. Simply put, this portal offers a streamlined way to communicate with Accredo, giving physicians more time to focus on patient care.

With many physicians and medical staff doing business away from their usual office conditions, logging in to has proven extremely useful with four times more users taking advantage of the features in an average week. Here are a few of the features that they’re finding helpful.

A Central Dashboard

The dashboard creates a central location for physicians to see and act on prescription information for all of their Accredo patients at a glance. This includes:

  • Seeing referrals, refills and renewals
  • Flagging patients or prescriptions for follow-up
  • Checking on prior authorizations
  • Tracking prescriptions as they’re processed, filled and shipped

Live, Online Chat

We know that there are likely some questions or follow-up needs, which is why the dashboard includes a live chat feature. This means that physicians and their staff can juggle multiple tasks while Accredo agents resolve many issues that would otherwise require a phone call, such as providing clinical information needed to complete the prescription process or obtaining shipment confirmation.

Physicians can get started by visiting to register. Help with the site is available by emailing

In all, Accredo is here to enable access to quality, affordable patient care and providing the right tools to physicians is paramount to that mission. Our hope is that will continue to reduce the amount of administrative work, facilitate care for patients who are suffering during this time of crisis, and put everyone back on the path of return to a sense of normalcy.

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