Health Care Trend: Personalized Health Care Keeps the Patient Front and Center

It’s imperative to personalize members’ experiences to increase engagement and yield healthier outcomes.
Health Care Personalization Trend

It’s no secret that consumers expect a hyper-personalized health care experience created uniquely for them. In fact, a survey of more than 7,000 people worldwide found that 74 percent expect companies to treat them like individuals rather than as part of a segment, such as “millennials.”

To deliver on this expectation, many plan sponsors are in search of health solutions that offer patient personalization and end-to-end coordination without adding complexity. That is no easy task.

Stand-alone solutions address priority challenges

Stand-alone solutions, which deploy one program to all members in a population, offer a lot of benefits. These solutions operate independently of one another to advance a plan’s clinical care by addressing high-priority challenges. They can also be implemented at any time.

But plan sponsors face an enormous and growing administrative burden to evaluate, select, implement, maintain and validate the success of stand-alone health solutions. This challenge may quickly overwhelm a plan sponsor. In a recent insights study by Ipsos, human resource managers manage, on average, 7.6 health solutions, which means vetting, contracting, implementing, and managing each individual solution.  

Comprehensive models increase personalization

Plan sponsors are beginning to realize they need a simpler way to address each member’s needs. Some have turned to comprehensive solutions as a way to personalize health care without putting a strain on their teams and their bottom line.

For example, Express Scripts’ new clinical model, Health Connect 360SM, uses advanced targeting and patient-level insights that enable more connections across the care continuum. This creates real coordination for every step of patient care, whether at the care manager, physician or pharmacist level.

Stand-alone solutions have a key role in these comprehensive models. For example, through Health Connect 360, a population health manager might identify the need for a digital health solution, such as a digitally connected blood glucose monitor, to address a gap-in-care. Because of the Express Scripts Digital Health Formulary, all stand-alone digital solutions offered within Health Connect 360 have been clinically reviewed and evaluated by a panel of pharmacists, physicians, user-experience experts and health research PhDs. Therefore, plans can rest assured that their members are receiving affordable, predictable, and simpler digital health solutions.

As the amount of consumer data continues to grow, health care has the opportunity to provide personalized experiences that increase engagement and yield better health outcomes. While this task can seem daunting, solutions and partners like Express Scripts are available to continue to deliver on patients’ needs while achieving each plan’s unique goals.

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