When High Risk Patients Need Specialty Care during COVID-19

More Accredo patients are refilling prescriptions by app and online in the face of COVID-19, while still receiving customized clinical care. (Estimated reading time: ~2 mins.)
Digital Tools and Specialty Refills

For patients with complex or rare conditions treated by a specialty medication, missing even a single dose of medication is simply not an option – a concern that has become even more prevalent in the wake of COVID-19.

Living with conditions like multiple sclerosis, cancer or rheumatoid arthritis also means Accredo patients may be at higher risk of developing complications if they contract the virus.

A recent increase in the use of digital tools, including the Accredo website and mobile app, to refill prescriptions shows that Accredo patients are taking advantage of convenience while still having access to the specialty care provided through our condition-specific Therapeutic Resource Centers.

Since mid-March, when many communities began sheltering in place, Accredo saw a 47 percent increase in average refills per week via the Accredo mobile app and a 37 percent increase in average refills per week via online ordering at Accredo.com.

Moreover, we’ve found through a recent study that providing fast and simple digital refill options doesn’t compromise clinical care. The study found that patients on medications for rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions were 6 percent more adherent when using the website and mobile app. We’ve also found digital users have higher satisfaction – we’ve seen a 13 point increase in net promoter score for patients using our digital tools versus those who don’t.

Because getting specialty pharmacy patients the medicine they need when they need it is so critical to their health, we already have a robust refill process in place. However, our digital tools are another option, making patient safety, as well as their communication preferences, our priority. With our new health trackers, patients can order refills, set up dose reminders, manage orders and track their symptoms and health.

Innovating to improve patient health is our goal, and one way we do this is by creating an optimized digital experience where patients can interact with us and get information how they want, when they want so that they can live lives beyond their medical conditions.

At Accredo, we offer the tools patients need to manage a complex condition, whether they’ve received a recent diagnosis, are well into their recovery journey, or are managing the challenge of staying safe during extraordinary times like that of COVID-19.

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