New Weight Management Tools Help Win the Battle Against Chronic Obesity

Obesity puts more and more Americans at serious health risk, including worsened COVID-19 symptoms and outcomes
Doctor checking patient's weight

It’s that time of year (again) when people vow to lose weight. Some are trying to look or feel better, but for a growing number of obese Americans, the stakes are higher. Obesity is a chronic, clinical illness that increases the risk of costly and complex conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and complications of COVID-19. On average, obesity-related conditions cost payers an additional $3,500 per obese adult.

We’re losing the obesity battle – not the weight. The percentage of obese American adults increased from 30.5% to 42.4% from 1999 to 2018, while the percentage of people considered severely obese, nearly doubled, from 4.7% to 9.2%,

To be successful in what can be a long and challenging weight-loss journey, patients need tools and clinical support. The Weight Management Care Value program, part of Express Scripts’ SafeGuardRx platform, is designed to help payers get out from under the weight of costly, downstream health challenges by getting to the root of the problem.

While many people are able to slim down with a healthy diet and exercise regimen, weight-loss medications can help those who need additional weight management support. Obese adults prescribed an injectable anti-obesity medication could lose an additional 5 percent or more of their weight, which could substantially improve their health.

To keep the weight off, Weight Management Care Value offers support including:

  • Dedicated, personalized coaching from Therapeutic Resource Center clinicians
  • Digital tools:
    • Connected scale that automatically transfers weigh-in data for review
    • Personalized and behavior-based weight-loss program
    • App-based peer support group
  • Access to anti-obesity medication from any in-network pharmacy

By helping enable obese members to lose weight, plan sponsors can see a healthier, more productive workforce. In addition, plan sponsors could be reimbursed if patients discontinue therapy.  

Obesity is directly linked to chronic costly conditions. By addressing the problem at its foundation with a weight management solution, we can help patients win this losing battle.

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