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Managing the Complexities of Federal and Public Sector Plans

We have a long history of working with federal and public sector plans. Procurement protocols and legislative cycles don’t intimidate us. Because we understand the unique issues you face, we can help you manage costs while ensuring positive experiences and outcomes for your members.
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Expertise, service and – above all – determination

With experience supporting hundreds of local, state and federal government entities, public universities and retirement systems, we’re ready to stand together with you and create custom, consultative solutions that help preserve your benefit, now and in the future.
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Department of Defense
We’re honored to support the 9.7 million beneficiaries in the TRICARE® pharmacy program. We partner with the Department of Defense to drive innovation and ensure mission-readiness. Our goal is to help realize savings, maximize efficiencies and reduce waste for a more sustainable benefit.
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Federal clients have unique needs and fiscal challenges. We understand this, and we have the expertise, scale and operating models to meet complex OPM requirements. We apply best practices, learned through our work with the Department of Defense, to help lower costs and improve health outcomes for federal employees and their families.
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Public sector
Public sector organizations are especially pressured to check costs and drive out waste, while giving members the care they need. Our solutions can uncover opportunities and help coordinate systems, navigating complex compliance and regulatory environments, and delivering better value and care for all.

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to servicing your plan. Discover how the right partner can meet the specific needs of your plan’s unique population.

Services & Solutions

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Critical and complex challenges
SafeGuardRx® combines our specialized clinical model and value-based contracting strategies to help plans improve patient care for the toughest conditions while also controlling costs
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A 360° view. A 180° change
Health Connect 360SM offers an in-depth view across the health care continuum, facilitating total care coordination, lowering costs and improving outcomes
Retiree drug coverage expertise
As the Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) market leader, we enable public sector organizations to offer retiree drug coverage that ensures seamless continuity of benefits while containing costs.
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Public Sector Employer
The relationship with Express Scripts is very positive. It’s truly a partnership and we work together to achieve the same goals, which is providing quality benefits for an engaged workforce and maintaining that at a cost we can afford

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