International Union of Operating Engineers

The future is now – and the work of the International Union of Operating Engineers has never been more important. As a progressive, diversified trade union, IUOE members’ health and well-being are essential for them to perform at their highest potential. We are committed to making health care more affordable, simple and predictable.

We enjoyed connecting to better understand your needs and share our capabilities during the recent finalist meeting. For reference, click below to access the presentation.
George Pittas
George Pittas
Vice President, Sales
IUOE – Thank you for considering Express Scripts/Level Care as your pharmacy and health services partner. On behalf of the entire Team, we’re looking forward to the prospect of working with the IUOE Team on improving the health and happiness of its members, retirees and families for years to come.

Meet your dedicated labor service account team

We have a dedicated account team to service the International Union of Operating Engineers, ensuring effective service, efficient resolutions and strategic collaboration to keep costs down while optimizing members' experiences and outcomes. Your team consists of experienced health care professionals, all of whom understand labor-specific needs and bring their tenured knowledge to support Funds and respond quickly to your changing needs and challenges.
Frank Gentilella
Frank Gentilella
Executive Sponsor, Vice President and General Manager, National Labor Division

22 years of experience
Paul Grew
Paul Grew, RPh, MBA
Senior Director, National Labor Division

22 years of experience
Brent Saiter
Brent Saiter
Account Executive, National Labor Division

23 years of experience
Tim Schulte
Tim Schulte
Clinical Account Executive, National Labor Division

10 years of experience
Courtney Adams
Courtney Adams
Account Manager, National Labor Division

10 years of experience

Tenured experience supporting labor unions

Understanding the needs of labor unions is at the core of what we do. With 50+ years of experience we know and understand the evolving needs of your members. We push further for labor funds – actively listening and rigorously interrogating our extensive data to pinpoint opportunities to unlock new value. Our support for union labor is reflected by the 2,000+ Express Scripts union-member employees.
4.5M 4.5M
members from America's working families
268 268
union clients nationwide
1000+ 1000+
union member employees

Serving and providing for retirees

As the number one Employer Group Waiver Plan (EGWP) partner in the industry, we serve 1.6 million retirees and dependents – nearly 35% of the EGWP market. We support both self-insured and fully insured EGWP arrangements, ranging from tailored small-group solutions to national corporations, states and labor unions.
98% 98%
EGWP client satisfaction
1.6M 1.6M
EGWP lives served
0.5% 0.5%
drug trend across our EGWPs in 2019

Taking on your toughest challenges

We're committed to solving problems others don't, won't, or can't. See how we put innovative services and solutions to work to meet the needs of your particular plan and population.
Black and orange icon of a shield with a cross in the center.
Making medicine work harder
See how our multi-program, value-based platform unlocks new financial value and better health outcomes.
Dollar Sign Icon
Significant savings through copay solutions
See how utilizing plan design changes to identify select drugs as non-essential health benefits enables maximum savings, reducing plan and member costs.
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Guiding to safer and more effective drug choices
Getting patients the right dosage, of the right medication, for the right indication at the first fill is essential to safe prescribing.
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Advanced Opioid Management
To solve the opioid crisis, member recovery must be made a serious priority and vulnerable patients should be protected.
Protecting members from high drug costs
Gene therapy has the potential to change lives, but even a single treatment can cost millions of dollars.
Supporting mental health conditions
Mental health is an issue everyone is thinking about…but no one is talking about. How can you help your members access support on their own terms?

Explore the latest resources and insights

We are committed to helping you navigate changes in the dynamic health care industry.
Employer guide
A guide to investing in better health benefits
COVID-19 has accelerated the gaps in our fragmented health care system. To help employers, we partnered with Quartz to create a guide on offering personalized and data-driven solutions to members.
Bloomberg video
A solution for life-threatening medical errors
Medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S., but connecting health care to give physicians a 180-degree view of the patient can prevent many of these mistakes.
Bloomberg infographic
Health care needs a makeover
From reducing cost and complexity to increasing quality, connected care offers tremendous potential for the U.S. health care system. We partnered with Bloomberg to illustrate the possibilities connecting health care creates.
COVID Vaccine Series
COVID-19 vaccine video series
Join John Wigneswaran, MD, Vice President and General Manager as we make sense of clinical issues affecting businesses, starting with rapidly evolving news surrounding COVID-19 vaccines.
Health Care in Focus
Health Care in Focus
The past year challenged our health care system like no other. But we're always looking forward, identifying ways to redefine what health care can and should be.
Drug Trend
Drug Trend Insights
In spite of the unique pressures presented in 2020, we helped one third of commercial plans experience a decrease in drug spending.
Thank you
I look forward to working with the International Union of Operating Engineers, and continuing the conversation around how we can support your team, control Fund spend and care for your members as part of our valued partnership. Please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.
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