Marisa Lin
Marisa Lin
Vice President, Sales
I'm thankful for you taking time out of your schedule to discuss how Express Scripts can help support your business. We understand you need more than someone to service your claims; you need a strategic health services partner. For your reference, I wanted to share some helpful sample documents to give an idea of what you can expect during implementation and onboarding. Please reach out at or 415-579-5355 should you have any questions. Thank you for considering us as a pharmacy partner.
Financial relief in unprecedented times
The COVID-19 environment is increasing cost pressures for many plan sponsors and their members. Committed to improving affordability, we're continually working to provide effective solutions and reduce financial burden.
Carve out one-pager
Focus on pharmacy
Carving out your pharmacy benefit with Express Scripts helps you see improved savings, specialization and more.
Health trends
Five health trends to watch
See how market dynamics in the health care landscape may impact your plan and how to stay ahead of current and emerging trends.
Digital health
Navigating digital health
As more U.S. consumers and health care providers demand and adopt digital health applications, health benefits leaders are challenged with where and how to invest.
Person holding a baby
Comprehensive fertility coverage
Infertility is increasingly becoming a benefit that organizations can no longer afford to ignore. In 2019, the number of companies who added or updated their existing fertility benefits increased by 130% compared to 2018.1
Innovating for the future of health care
We're committed to unlocking new value and taking on your toughest challenges through innovation that benefits you, your members and health care as a whole.

Expect more from Express Scripts

I am pleased to share helpful sample assets to give a sense of what to expect in terms of onboarding and implementation, should you select Express Scripts as your pharmacy partner, as well as the benefits and insights you can look forward to as a client. I hope you find this information useful and, as always, please reach out with any questions.
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Sample Implementation Timeline
Curious of what to expect as you consider moving to Express Scripts? Our experienced teams are thorough and skilled in seamlessly implementing large and complex plans. Review a sample implementation plan for more details.
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Sample Reporting
We supply robust and timely reporting metrics to ensure you have a clear line of sight to what's going on with your plan at all times.
Sample Member Communications
We provide timely and comprehensive communications to ensure access and affordability for your members, and minimized noise for your plan.
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Sample Strategic Planning Reviews
At Express Scripts, we're committed to taking on your plan's toughest challenges, as well as identifying your greatest opportunities. We're here to ensure your success today and in the future - not just manage your claims. See what you can look forward to during strategic planning.
Client & Member Web/Mobile Demos
We understand the importance of meeting members where they are. Get a sneak peek of the members' experience with our mobile application, and access other web demos. Please use Chrome or Firefox for the best experience.
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2020 Drug Trend Report
In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we worked together with clients to solve urgent and emerging needs with innovation, agility and focus while delivering results. See a snapshot of what we were able to help our clients achieve.
Navigating workplace decisions during COVID-19
Your business is facing an uncertain new reality, and there’s no silver bullet answer to the challenges posed by COVID-19. You need a diverse set of capabilities to move forward – and a trusted, experienced partner who can guide you toward the best solutions for your unique situation.
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Healthy ways to work
Elevating health means reimagining how we partner. With open collaboration and unbiased guidance, we strive to deliver flexible, focused solutions under our new health services brand and portfolio.

Introducing Evernorth
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Benefits management
Save costs with personalized pharmacy and medical solutions that are built to work with you and for you.
Elevate employee productivity, quality-of-life, and whole-person health, with accessible behavioral and clinical care.
Get specialized solutions to treat general and complex conditions – personalized to you and meaningful to your people.
Unlock opportunities and value, for you and your people, with advanced analytics, predictive models, and tailored insights.