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SilverCloud for Express Scripts COVID-19 Platform

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SilverCloud may communicate with your members as part of the program.

The SilverCloud platform and any associated services are provided by SilverCloud Health Limited that SilverCloud Health Limited is an independent contractor, and that Express Scripts shall have no liability with respect to the SilverCloud platform.

Client specific reporting will not be available.

SilverCloud uses the information it receives through its platform in accordance with its contract with Express Scripts.

Your PIN: C@re2020!

Your members will need this PIN when they log on to the SilverCloud site. Using this PIN, they will be able to access the program from March 30, 2020 through July 1, 2020. We encourage you to share the following information with your members:


New Tools to Handle Stress during the COVID-19 Outbreak

It's natural to feel stress and worry as you go about adapting your life and family routines to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of our commitment to our employees and their families’ whole health, we’re working with SilverCloud®, a clinically proven online platform that may help you stay strong during this uncertain time by teaching you skills that can help manage stress and sleep issues.


Now Available

SilverCloud enhanced its program, adding a new program designed specifically for the COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to its original programs on stress, resilience and insomnia. This content can be found under a new “Discover more” tab and will include the following:

Challenging Times Section 

This section can help you manage feelings of worry, stress or sadness during the COVID-19 outbreak.  It also can help you care for your well-being, stay connected and improve your mood during difficult times. 

Space the COVID-19 Program 

This program provides simple-to-follow activities and tools to manage emotions and habits during the crisis. Learn how to cope with challenging times, sleep problems and grief or loss while practicing how to relax and stay hopeful. 


Please go to this link to learn more and sign up:

SilverCloud is providing access to its program at no charge through June 30, 2020, expiring July 1, 2020. To enter the platform, you will need to enter the PIN: C@re2020!


SilverCloud is a trademark of SilverCloud Health Limited. SilverCloud is operated by SilverCloud Health Limited. SilverCloud uses the information it receives through its platform in accordance with its contract with Express Scripts.

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